THE strike by Silondwe and Offshore workers at Dangote cement in Masaiti has entered day seven with workers vowing not to get back to work. The protesting workers are demanding improved conditions of service. A check at Dangote found trucks parked and the workers singing songs denouncing the government.

“This government is so corrupt! The government is busy benefiting while they allow us to suffer. This PF government has completely neglected us while they are busy enjoying and eating corrupt money. Anyway we shall meet very soon,”

Joseph Banda said on behalf of other workers.

Banda said President Edgar Lungu should show leadership and protect the interest of the local people. He said no government official had taken interest to hear the concerns of the workers at Dangote Cement.

” Ala twachula pafula. Ba Edgar Lungu come and see how we are suffering. You are enjoying alone and the lies you told us. You are busy moving around the world instead of listening to your people,”

said Banda.

But Silondwe director Lightson Chongo said the workers should go back for work as negotiations were underway.