First and foremost we were happy that Hakainde Hichilema appeared on ZNCB for an interview where he could answer questions. This is as it should be. ZNBC is not a PF broadcaster but a NATIONAL broadcaster.

Grevazio Zulu should not wait for people to invite themselves. Let others like Saviour Chishimba, Peter Sinkamba, Sean Tembo, etc appear to talk about their manifestos and national issues.

This will create competition in the political space and make the incumbents to sit up and deliver to their best for the Zambian people. This is what multi party politics was meant to deliver; competition and better service as a result. And public institutions like ZNBC should help us achieve this.

Back to the interview itself.

We felt Mr Hichilema was a bit edgy, defensive and highly suspicious of the interviewer especially at the start. He accused Grevazio of exhibiting ignorance a number of times. We wouldn’t blame him because maybe he felt Grevazio had been coached by his opponents. But still as a politician he could have found a better way of putting this thought angle across. Otherwise all in all he handled himself quite well. For us it’s a 7/10.

Grevazio on the other hand come out as ill prepared. Hichilema could read his questions before he even asked them. That’s how predictable he was. He struggled to ask the same questions over and over. What was he trying to achieve?

It’s surprising that Grevazio decided to spend a lot of time on the petition. If he did his research he would realise that many Zambian people are now bored with this.

It is interesting that Grevazio would ask Hichilema very general questions. If a journalist like Grevazio does not know if Hichilema participated in the privatisation process in the 90s, who will know? Grevazio needed to ask Hichilema very specific and pointed questions on privatisation, Freemasonary and Panama papers. Not general ones which Hichilema could answer with a no and it ends there. In the end Grevazio’s lack of specific questions on these issues only went to prove what HH and UPND have always argued, it’s all political rhetoric.

The worst bit came when Grevazio countered Hichilema that the fields around the country remained empty because of lack of rains not for the want of inputs. Here we agree with Hichilema, this is ignorance of epic proportions. Who does that? Ignoring the facts right around you?

In summary it was a very bad night for Grevazio. One he would want to forget asap. 3/10.


  1. Your analysis is below per cos your are biased. I listened to interview hh failed to answer most questions . There is no elections petition at courts what was he talking about. He has refused to accept defeat of 2016 elections which will not take him anywhere. He cannying , greed, cruel like chief mukuni who is supposed to look after his subjects.A tribalist chief

  2. We respect Chief Mukuni and admire his honesty when it came to standing up for his subject, HH. Leaving HH to wolves like you would have been serious abrogation of his responsibilities.

    As for HH, he is a hero and will remain one in the history of Zambia politics. People like Mwachisompola pray day and night for HH to fall in one way or another but God has protected him.

    You think your hatred for the beautiful Tonga people of Zambia will change our love for them? Zero. It will not happen. Who feeds Zambia? It is the Tonga and Easterners from where ECL hails but spoiled by the Copperbelt mentality.

    Your hate of HH is fertiliser for his growth in popularity. The more you hate and curse him the less PF becomes popular in UPND strongholds and wins sympathy for him in PF strongholds.

    How you fear free and fair elections! Crooked people who fear transparency. May God deliver you.

  3. Your analysis is very biased. He failed to disclose his source of income, and to give meaningful answers as to why he is hiding his riches in tax free havens. To me this shows that under five is selfish and can easily auction our country to the highest bidder in the name of economic prudence.

  4. The man is not president material, he failed to handle most of the questions if not all. you analysis is backward and lacks merit

    • In my opinion he handled most of the questions very well. What is lacking from our journalists is research. They all behave like Moondo Chuulu (Mondo Chulu) and Zimandola who have no education. Look at BBC, they have a Program Called Panorama. This is about investigative journalism. If HH had stolen during privatisation, Panorama would have easily unearthed that. Al -Jazeera would have equally done that. Even ENCA from South Africa would have done that. Ours wait for Kaponyas like Moondo Chuulu or Chilufya Tayali to make an illogical statement and immediately they believe it and start spreading it like fire. Its simple, check out all reports pertaining to Privatisation and make a powerful documentary with clear evidence. This will help those Zambians whose only source of information is Tayali. People want HH to be exposing his personal issues in Public. What is the interest? What he aquired is personal. If he commited a crime in the process, arrest him. His Bemuda connections has nothing to do with us Citizens. Trump answered those questions very well when asked about his Officials being mentioned in the Panama papers. He said they were Geniuses. The queen is in those papers. Even Price Charles, the king to be. If you asked 10 Zambians what the so called taxi havens are, I can bet probly only 1 or Zero would explain anything sensible. About freemansonly, I realy wonder how Zambians waste time on non issues. In Civilized countries Masons have Offices labelled. Who cares if someone is a mason or not? Of what value is it to me? Who knows may be all those in Government are masons. Does it affect us? I would have worried if someone was being accused of being a Mafia, because this is a criminal gang. Christians have lamentably failed and yet we keep on voting for them on account of them being Christian. This is ridiculous. We should move away from such trivial matters. Steven Surkur Had better researched information about Zambia than our own Grevazio Zulu. This is unacceptable. How can Gravazio spend all that prime time asking non-questions? I can bet that if HH went back to ZNBC today, Grevazio would still ask the same questions and get the same answers. Pull up your socks young man.

  5. His wealth is his private property and he can keep it where ever he wants. He earned that wealth not in statehouse from commissions from goverment contracts and fire engines or selling mukula trees and exporting maize like Koswe is doing.


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