BISHOP John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

THE Supreme Court has summoned Bishop John Mambo to answer contempt of court charges after he accused judges of having personal ambitions before justice.

Bishop Mambo is being summoned as chairperson of Chikondi Trust Foundation.

In a letter addressed to him, the Supreme Court commanded him to appear before court on July 17 2018 to show cause why he should not be cited for contempt of court.

“You are hereby commanded in the name of the president to appear before this court at 09:00 on May 17 2018 and on every adjournment of the court until the matter is disposed of to show why you should not be cited for contempt of court,” the letter read.

It is alleged that on May 12 2018, Bishop Mambo wrote a letter to Chief justice Irene Mambilima which was also copied to the Judicial Complaints Commission.

The letter was in relation to an appeal in a case between Savenda Management Services Limited vs Stanbic Bank Zambia limited.

The contemptuous words were “the legal suit against the bank by Savenda, though given a favourable judicial decisions at the lower court, was suspiciously overturned by the higher court on appeal. Most judges seem to be more interested in achieving personal ambitions at the expense of justice for all and equality before the law. ”



  1. The same 3 corrupt judges with Mambilima are the plaintiffs, prosecutors and the judges in their own case! How can that be allowed? Mambilima has turned our judiciary into a laughing stock. This case is going nowhere and Bishop Mambo will be the winner because he is with the people!
    Savenda should ask to be joined in this case because they have an interest in it and Savenda should help the Bishop with Legal costs.
    We should NOT and NEVER allow that Ireen Chirwa Chimbilima to abuse the powers of the courts. This woman should know that people know when they are being abused and she is the one abusing the people. That Corrupt Lawyer Eric Silwamba, the chief architect of corruption in the legal system only deserves one thing – to be completely neutralised in anyway possible.

    • Iam also wondering…this is a country for the corrupt beyond doubt. Zambia is completely gone & it will take courage & wisdom to free this country from the clutches of these evil people


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