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The Teaching Council of Zambia has detected fake teachers in the education service who forged grade 12 in order to get jobs in government.

Teaching Council of Zambia registrar Ebby Mubanga says 490 teachers have been found with forged G12 and GCE certificates.

This was discovered during the on going teacher registration exercise for teachers country wide.
Dr Mubanga says that the number is likely to increase once the exercise is concluded.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today.
The Teaching Service Commission failed to detected these teachers when they applied for jobs.

Examination experts say most people with forged Grade 12 Certificates and poor results are found in the Ministry of General Education.


  1. no wander evn tuma divas, tuma yo…tonse niku teaching…fake result,,,ubukaya bwafulisha in all JOBS in Zambia people with Gud results are suffering ad then tuma rubbish are enjoying….#takeActionANDwarnTHEM

  2. They should be even more than that..fake teacher is not only about papers but skills matter. Some teacher can’t even construct two complete English statements. .
    Am sure the number goes to 5000.

  3. The problem starts from the colleges….how do you enroll some one in the college minus verifying the results with ECZ? They should also held the colleges and the examination bodies accountable for allowing those “Teachers” to graduate in colleges.

  4. Fire all the culprits and prosecute them including all those who recruited them without verifying certificates with the Exam Council of Zambia

  5. The only way for them is to face instant dismissal.Otherwise all teachers will suffer from the shame and embarrassment which these fake teachers have brought.Teaching is slowly getting into professional hence a need to remain with cream.

  6. This is a lesson to all examination bodies and the government, they should first verify the certificates with the ECZ before admission into colleges and Universities and the government before employing new teachers in order to avoid this shame, let teaching profession be respected. remove those teachers on payroll and send them back to rewrite

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