The Teaching Council of Zambia has taken it to another level this time by instructing PEOs and DEBS that no teacher should apply for recruitment in government without being first of all registered. Initially, new teachers were only registering after being employed, but things have now changed.

The Teaching Council has now to register you before you apply to avoid FAKE TEACHERS or Teachers with FAKE QUALIFICATIONS. But the council is now set to collect K570 from each of the 85,000 teachers who will be fighting for 2,000 places offered by the government this year.

Out of this huge number of teachers (85,000) who graduated, only 2,000 will be selected; of course mostly those connected to the people in influencial positions. Between now and November 2017, the Teaching Council will collect K48,450,000 from desperate employed teachers who will be battling for 2,000 places.This is in addition to the huge amount they collected from 110,000 teachers who are actively in employment either government or private.

Already, we hear some Human Resource Officers in some districts in the country are demanding not less than K10,000 in bribes from each desperate teachers who wish to be among the lucky 2,000.

“Don’t think if you were registered as a student by the Teaching Council at your college you will be spared, NO, you are also to be milked K570 before you apply. You were a student that time when you paid that money at your college to the TCZ, but now you are a full time teacher who is just NOT yet employed, therefore pay another K570 for registration before you apply failure to which your application will not be considered”, said a senior member of the Teaching Council.

Things have really changed in Zambia. Money talks nowadays no wander ladies without money just surrender their “body parts” for favours.

God Help US!



  1. Comment: Are we going to be registered every time will be recruitment or what? bcoz this is too much. l hope it will be once . God help us.

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