1. The best Rice in the world with a unique aroma and taste is produced in barotseland and it is an international slogan called “MONGU RICE”


2. The Best Mango in the world with a unique taste is grown in barotseland sands.
3. The Best cassava with a unique taste is grown in barotseland!
4. The Best tasty Fish in Africa is found in the Barotse waters.


5. We have our own cooking oil, which is coming out from munyenyele, cashew nut, mungongo, fish and cow (liswa).


6. We have our own farms in Kalabo, Limulunga , MONGU, KAOMA, lukulu, Sioma, Senanga, sesheke and shangombo districts. Our crops we cultivate are ; millet, sorghum , Maize and wheat.


7. We have our own sugar that we depend on shangombo sugarcane is already on the doorstep. Basically sugarcane from Luena has been used for such purposes.
8. We have our own mode of transport in water or road. Likochikala and mikolo mane Ni Li lei.


9. We have our own traditional machines to use on milling both maize and rice or millet aswell as sorghum using lichika.


10. We have birds, animals and bush meats available. We have national parks , rivers, forests , natural falls and beautiful plains.


11. The Best Nutritious milk is produced from barotse cows unlike our tonga allies who produce waterly milk. Anyway we wont talk much about Bemba/nyanjas who only know how to milk rats and monkeys respectively. by the way, in our history of existence Barotseland has NEVER been fed by Bembas and Nyanjas but ignorantly they claim that we depend on them for our food, now our question to them is; since when did we start depending on bemba/nyanjas for food? barotseland has always fed itself! another question is which food item has Barotse received from bemba? the answer is Zero!


  1. I smell tribalism here, let’s embrace one another and look at the common enemy in the country at the moment — corruption by the thieving PF govt PERIOD

  2. Number 12. Barotseland is one five areas in the World were you find “DIATOMITE” (Diatomatious Earth). This earth can be used in several industrial products such as non-toxic pesticides, production of Whiskies (“jamerson lungu” for instance), use in the building industry (as was done on the Mongu / Kalabo Road etc. . . . just to add on!!!!!!!!

  3. For fear of a complaint from Nineo,I will reserve my comment.By the way Neo is a lozi/ Swana name which means gift.Plural is Lineo.Mungu (Mongu)means pumpkin.Kalabo means the answer is here.

  4. I agree with the writer when you know that you leave in a glass house dont be the first to throw stones. What food can they supply? Have you ever seen branch managers in the maize field living anything to supply or under ground managers in a cassava field living anything to supply? If anything they are draing us, that’s they don’t want to let go of Barotse.

  5. God help us in this country. Can Jesus please come quickly so that we live in a world where we will be one; No superiors and inferiors. No American or African, nor Lozi, Bemba or Tongs. Why do we have to hate one another like this? I pray among the haters of one another there are no Christians and we can understand this, but if there are, Christ has no place in their hearts. Come Lord Jesus


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