Lamentation by Mwanamuke Nawa
Hear me, hear me please I beg of you. I am talking to you reading this piece of writing. I have some questions for you that need answers. Has the world gone to sleep? Why do we have so much injustices going on?

I am a Barotse whose country is colonized by a fellow African country called Zambia. Some of you may have heard this but to those who don’t know this plays to the advantage of Zambia. Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia joined together to form a country called Zambia under a treaty called Barotseland Agreement 1964. A unitary country just like Tanganyika and Zanzibar formed Tanzania. This was witnessed by The United Kingdom because Barotseland was a British protectorate country and Northern Rhodesia a colonized country.

On 11th January, 2011 Barotseland youths decided to hold a meeting to chat a way forward for Barotseland, unfortunately, were massacred, arrested and thrown in prison charged with treason.

Why revert? you may ask. The answer is, from the word go Zambia has not respected this agreement. Instead it changed laws to swallow Barotseland. To this day some youths are still missing and others are serving sentences.

Where is the world when such atrocities are committed? Answer me please. I will answer for you: sitting and watching.

Why would they sit and watch when young youthful lives are wasted? Is it because these things happened in Africa a continent associated with darkness? Where nothing good is applauded. All you hear is war and disease, poverty and crime and leaders clinging to power.
Letters have been written to the UN by Barotseland activists but the world has gone to sleep. Would it have gone to sleep if Europe was on fire? Tell me what better way is there to resolve issues. Isn’t it through dialogue? Why then doesn’t the UN table the issue of Barotseland and summon Zambia to account for her atrocities?

UN my brother’s keeper has failed Barotseland lamentably. Are the facts laid down by Barotseland not enough and convincing? Would the world react faster if we took up arms? No we won’t take up arms because unlike what you think that Africa is full of civilized savages. We choose to resolve this issue through dialogue because that is how we entered into it. It is a straight forward case and the UN must come to our rescue. A treaty called Barotseland Agreement 1964 is there to attest to this fact. One signatory in the name of Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda the first prime minister of Zambia is still alive and should answer for his crimes against humanity because people have lost lives. All that we want is to revert to our original status and become the nation we have always been.
Is our cry for help faint? Are you going to cast a blind eye to our plight? Is Pyongyang overshadowing all the pressing issues in the world?

I told you I have some questions for you and I need answers. Are we not a people? What crime have we committed to be Barotse? Answer me.
Help us revert to our original status. You arbitrate between Barotseland and Zambia. As Barotseland we unanimously resolved to revert to our original status at a Barotseland National Council meeting that was held on 27th March, 2012. We resolved to accept Zambia’s act of abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. But instead Zambia has refused to respect our resolve just like it has not respected the agreement. It has continued to occupy our land using the barrel of the gun. It has flooded its military personnel in our land infecting our under age girls with HIV and other sexual related diseases.
Zambia is arresting us, killing and maiming us. We cannot openly talk about this defunct Barotseland Agreement least we are slapped with a treason charge. Please help us. Help me. Don’t go to sleep.
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“You have opened my eyes, awakening me to circumstances of which I was unaware. There is lamenting in your monologue. It is also full of facts that are shot like bullets, condemning the reader for his/her ignorance. Holding us accountable for not being on watch for ALL the atrocities happening in the world. I hear anger that the events and conditions of Africa go unnoticed, especially in comparison to what is happening in the place inhabited by lighter considered people. I hear subtle threatening quickly pulled back and then some superiority for not utilizing barbaric tactics. I see a flag waving. And it has captured my attention. I will begin by visiting the website you listed”.
Sep 06 at 1:25am
Betty Jamison:

“I read with interest here your plea for your country and the broken promises. And an agreement that has languished these many years. Someone should have come to your defense and resolved your plight.
Unfortunately, I feel the UN has failed miserably on many occasions. And I understand your feelings of world neglect, because you are African. Sadly, I must agree with you. When mankind can quiet looking at each other through a clouded lens of prejudice and greed, we will continue to face the injustice you so aptly refer to. We have our own set of problems here, and much of it is based on these very things. Change is needed on a global scale. In the meantime, take heart my friend. Don’t give up the fight, and do continue to press for justice. I am with you in this.
Sep 06 at 3:09am
Comment :
Mwanamuke Nawa is one of the Barotse patriot and intellectual Promoting the Royal Barotseland Government in Transition & Beyond! He has vast experience in conflict management.


  1. Hong Kong is part of China and still under China , Zanzibar is still under Tanzania . Tibet is part of China , crimera is part of Russia ., And so many countries . Why do you want to be independent when you part of Zambia ?? Stop dreaming and just be proud one of your tribes is number 2 in Zambia

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