By David Zulu

Where we will seek to exploit our common interests that unite us, rather than the artificial and selfish interests of the few that seek to divide us.

Where our common values, beliefs and traditions of we are and what we are made of as a people will inspire and compel us to live together in harmony and peace

Where the pursue for knowledge and the desire to explore academic and scientific frontiers will be the passion for every Zambian parent for their children.

This should be our goals as a society rather the exploration of what divides us more than what unites us.


We will yearn to discard the ideologies of hate and war but embrace the language of forgiveness, reconciliation and love for our fellow men in a just society for all.

Where our racial ethnic religious and cultural variations will be used to compliment each other rather than fight each other.


We need to go back to the drawing board and learn from the mouths of babes, because hate is not hereditary or inherited but it’s taught and learnt. There’s so much hate radiating and vibrating in the air


  1. It can happen also in zambia but the problem is hh trying to divide the nation with his stupid behaviour. We understand his appetite for the top job but he has to accept that there one already (ecl)therefore we expect him to behave in a manner that is acceptable in public.southern chiefs please define your row in today’s politics,criticism is wellcome but it has to be fair.where someone is misbahaving you are quiet only to turn when his locked.remember that you not the only chiefs who are intelligent and wise in zambia but a lot eg chitimukulu but not even a single a day you can hear him siding with a particular political party therefore we argue you to displine your son or else he will be getting up locked everyday.thank you and let’s remain united regardless of ones tribe.

  2. Chez, is it stupid to lawfully petition an election result? Is it stupid to lawfully demand for the right to be heard? If indeed those actions are stupid then the zambian constitution as it stands is indeed stupid and as stupid as it stands are the people that draft it, legislate it, pass it, ascent to it and indeed (mis)interpret it. And even more stupid are those of us that truly believe in its fairness and lawful equalization. We must be sentimental fools!

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