Dear editor,

Surely how can these PF cadres go to Nigeria and begin raising banners saying Lungu whatever! Whatever !

They forced the match officials and super sport apologise for showing Lungu Campaign message.

it’s obvious that Lungu is campaigning to be next Nigerian President.

It would have been better if Edgar Lungu was physically playing with his counterpart Buhari that’s when you may put those banners. Otherwise in the game of football we are likely to be sanctioned by FIFA.


  1. The type of Political desperation being expended in Zambia is embarrassingly disappointing and pregnant with gross immaturity. It is unreasonable and acutely imbecilic to display such inappropriate placard in a foreign country which has nothing to do with your stinking corruptive genres just to show your lunacy. My God .Why export political hooliganism at international games.

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