Thousands of ECL branded bicycles have arrived in the country for eventual distribution to ruling Patriotic Front(PF) ward officials across the country
The country goes to general polls in 2021


  1. So, the concourt knows that, third for Lungu, has already passed, they can as well confirm him as presidential 2021 candidate. Rooten judicially at its best. Bring the bicycles, we will use them, but it won’t help him.

  2. Comment:A person with death certificate only ,you give him huge task of advising the president,do you expect a good result? big no.they can kill just want to hang on seat,even though they are doing nothing.

  3. This is not right from all angles. Where is the money coming from? when some GRZ companies have not paid workers. My fellow Zambian of does not mean well.Let us start sending strong message by demonstrating.Why panic if at all they won elections instead outrightly. Let then concentrate on developing this economically poor country rather wasting energy in campaigning. Work done will market itself. We are not dull, they are.


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