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Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

Aside from the abundant human and natural resources, these countries have carved another niche for themselves. They now have inventors blazing the trail in science and technology.


Let’s take a look at the ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa.


For instance, Antony Mutua developed a charging shoe and a 44-year-old man from Nairobi invented an alarm-fitted television. SMS car immobilizer, solar powered refrigerator and underwater pet housing are some of the mind blowing innovations coming out of the “Silicon Savannah.”


Remember the many historic tales about Egypt?

Welcome to the ancient country. According to experts, Egypt is the cradle of civilization. The country has for long been associated with inventions and innovations.

In fact, Ancient Egypt recorded development in technology, astronomy and science that allowed astronauts to explore space travel.


Ghana’s effort to be technologically advanced is not just limited to cities in Ghana. It has been taken to the slums too.

Last year, women and young girls were trained on how to code by Achievers club, a non-profit organisation in Nima.

Many technology entrepreneurs have emerged from Ghana. Notable among them is Mr. Freddie Green who invented an affordable video conferencing system. It uses compressed gas to generate electricity.


It is a country still bearing the brunt of the ravaging effects of civil war and genocide that once held the land sway, but it’s determination to forge ahead remains the country’s greatest treasure. Welcome to Rwanda. The nation has launched the proposed 4G LTE broadband network which provides new opportunities to deliver top class internet service nationwide.


Tucked in the eighth position on the countdown, Madagascar is a country on the right track when it comes to technology and innovation capabilities. Recently, a study conducted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US ranked Madagascar the third nation in Africa with advanced technology.


In Zimbabwe, technology-based investment in from Asian countries is growing, enticed by cheap labour and a huge regional market. One of the most technologically advanced projects Zimbabwe has attracted is a $12 million Malaysian electronic manufacturing.


Last on the list is Botswana. Botswana’s Innovation Hub is designed to keep tech start-ups, global corporations, research and health organizations under the roof of technology and innovation. This Innovation Hub has the backup of the government achieving their aims and objectives. Will they move up the ranks soon? Probably yes!