1. Mwila Musonda aka Slap Dee is the pioneer of Hip Hop music in Zambia as such he is the King of Zambian Hip Hop while Kaira Mulaza aka Macky2 Shaka Zezulu is the tail “muchila” who only gained a mileage in music by starting a fight with King Dizo.

2. Slap D’s XYZ entertainment group is a legalized entity with a proper management team in place while Macky2’s Kopala Swag crew is a name that exists only on the lips of kaponyas without any proper basis whatsoever.

3. Slap D is fluent in English with a trace of some educational back ground, that is why he is often than not used as a brand ambassador by countless corporate brands because he can represent them anywhere while Macky2 is only fluent in selected few English words such as “What’s up niga” – as such there is no meaningful organization that wants to associate with him because he can’t confidently speak English.

4. Despite that Slap D is more successful at producing albums since his music career, the XYZ godfather never boasts about it while Shaka Macky2 is always boasting about a few flop albums he has done so far

5. Slap D has gained his fame through hard work and talent while Macky2 had to sacrifice the functionality of his manhood and sale his life to Satan in order to make a name and a few monies here and there.

NOTE: While Slap Dee looks clean and fresh, Macky2 Shaka Zezulu is Scruffy 1 in Hip Hop circles.


  1. which language do the following use in there music
    1. Sarkodie
    2. phyno
    3. Diamond platnumz
    4. yemi alade
    You should pround of your language guys

  2. Zambians like to imitate the likes of kanye , the so called Zambian hip hop sucks bubble gum too fake not my cup of tea ,I would rather like to P K Chisala than the above two

  3. Zonda uzalema… xyz group if the u are intelligent you wouldn’t have post that, now that you are not its the reason why u did it.

  4. zambian observer u ve never post ifyamano because you are against na ba pf and Macky2. both of you childish including your so called the Boss. Grow up

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