LUSAKA businessman Trevor Ng’andu has defended his cocktails that they contain no chemicals as alleged.

We  published a letter by its reader can claiming the cocktails at Uncle T’s Dallas City in Lusaka are mixed with Ethanol and Manhattan to increase its effectiveness.

But Trevor Ng’andu independently went to UTH to obtain a test report to prove that there are no chemicals added to his cocktails.

However, a clear analysis of the reports presented by Ng’andu show that they were done sometime ago – it’s not clear whether or not the reports were only given to him today.

And on his official Facebook page, Trevor Ng’andu says those alleging that there are chemicals in his alcohol are merely barking dogs.

However, Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Lusaka City Council (LCC) have both promised the public that they will visit the place to do their own assessments over the allegations.


Meanwhile, yesterday we were informed of a death of a 17 year old girl named Grace Nyampande in Kabwata Lusaka for allegedly taking Four cocktails from Uncle T.


  1. The sample is not the true representation of the cocktail consumed as the one who did the food chemical analysis should be fired. We need a minimum of at least 100 samples at different days in say 3-6 months.

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