Residents of Haamudekwa Village in Chisekesi area in Monze District were yesterday afternoon angered after a truck driver Registration Number AJC 1596 C run over the cattle belonging to a man only identified as Mr Chimimba along the great North Road.

The residents are blaming the driver for failing to pave way for the cattle to cross the road but decided to run over about nine of them were killed on the spot.

And a caretaker Manfred Haantobolo who was found at the scene and looked disturbed says he was taking the cattle on the other side of the road like he always does for grazing.

And the driver Vernon Ngulwa who took himself to Chisekesi police post has blamed the caretaker who he accused of deliberately forcing the cattle to cross the road even when he saw him driving at a high speed.

Mr Ngulwa explains that he was driving at 80 KM per hour and could not stop the vehicle instantly for fear of overturning.

Police officers from Chisekesi arrived at the scene few minutes later to keep an eye on the situation and the flow of traffic


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