Well that is a total fabrication of the facts on the ground. Gun control is very hard and harsh in Zambia. Try to go to force HQ and see how long the application process takes from the time you do picking of prints to screening to interview to contacting your sellers to getting your bluebook and paying for the council fees and all. Even after you obtain a firearm, you will be arrested if you show it off in public (called Brandinshing). Even the price of a good quality (9 MM ++) firearm (Turkish or Austrian Pistols) is not a walk in the park. Unless you want to play around with useless Chinese guns that can explode in your hands, the rest are not as cheap.
Bottom line not anyone can acquire a firearm in Zambia. It’s not easy, it’s very controlled and an expensive hobby for a select few

That’s the first misconception I’ve been seen on social media. Like you can just walk into kanele and point at a 9mm Glock Pistol and it’s yours. That’s dreaming and Ludicrous

2: Secondly am hearing a lot of people say that Romantic killings (crimes of passion) are high in Zambia. Again not true

Well Zambia infact (together with Malawi) has some of the Lowest crimes of passions not just in the region but in Africa!!! I looked at a few statistics. A good example, is our neighbor just below us, NAMIBIA . The population of Namibia is 7 to 8 times smaller than that of Zambia. Yet there such is an everyday news ! Just this week on Monday a man shot to death the mother of his two kids in cold blood. last week a man followed his galfriend at the village just to kill her cutting her into small peaces with a panga. And Namibia is nothing compared to Zimbabwe, Botswana and worse South Africa were such stories are as common as politician stealing a million dollars and fighting in Zambia

Bottom line is every society has its own crazy psychos. Sin lives everyday among us, with us and even within us. The thing we have to talk about before we go into the debate about gun control (which for Zambia is quiet unnecessary because of tough measures in place already) is the issue of today’s young people. Most young people today are not honest enough about their relationships. Firstly relationships are entered in for the wrong reasons. Apart from that, there is no honesty in most relationships at the start. Now when one or both of you can no longer maintain the lie, love becomes a battlefield.

There seems also to be a serious lack of Maturity and understanding as to what the role of a man is in relationships. Seems most of us young men where ill prepared for adulthood. We seem not to understand our role of leader in the relationship and family. For some this spells dictatorship. And now when people can no longer put up with your nonsense or decide to leave, you react in very illogical ways.

Baby daddies are also a serious menace in today’s society. Most of these excited condom dodging randy and horny fellows are responsible for the misery of most of these young ladies. You find a young man impregnates a young lady, on top of that he refuses to marry her saying he is not ready (wish he wasn’t ready first to take off her kneakers) and when the young lady forgives herself and accepts hers mistakes and decides to move on and finds somebody and is finally happy without that irresponsible chimpanzee, most of these men go crazy just to see someone they thought they owned happy without them. Once most know they can no longer play God, they go ballistic

Immaturity in today’s young men is a serious problem to our country and worrisome to the development of society. Men nowadays are too emotional and temperamental. Instead of leadership in the family or the relationship, most are lost in alcohol and being yoked with fellow irresponsible and stupid friends who can teach them nothing or add any value to their lives.. this generation of today’s young men is not inspiring at all. You would even wonder what kind of leadership we will have in future. Most can’t even stay faithful to one ☝ girl. Now talk about responsibility ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

Just tO add on: young ladies too are many patient or have become too lazy to work for their own. Many are rushing for those who seem to have cash, good cars, a nice apartment and ka high class life mu society. but what most seem not to ignore or ultimately choose to ignore is that the majority of this type of men are bullies and players and are jealous and possessive . The insatiable thirst for a good life is what is bringing misery to most young ladies. In bemba we say “ukulya bwino kulaletelela”

In conclusion we are focusing on the wrong thing here. The problem is not the guns, the main problem is the immature and irresponsible fools holding those gun. For your own information, most of our parents had guns we never knew nothing about, yet they never slaughtered each other. Truth is Guns don’t kill people, sick people kill other people. No gun has even pulled its own trigger..

So it’s not the guns, it’s us, the immature young men and women who are the real problem.

Pishamo Pen muntu wandi


  1. It is grammaticgrammarsally incorrect to combine the terms “misconception” and not true/factual” in the same sentence as both words represent a negative assertion (Negative +Negative= positive). Therefore, literally, you are affirming and confirming that:
    (1) Guns are easy to obtain in Zambia
    (2) Romantic killings are high in Zambia.

  2. Clifford Simukoko
    You must be Kabimba’s son.He has no sense of occasion whatsoever.Pipo are happy with Kabmwili’s revelations for him that is the occasion to throw mud at him and in his dullness try to market himself somehow.For you Simukoko from the rich contents of this article all you have to lecture us on is E110.

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