Two protesters died at the weekend in the Democratic Republic of Congo after a political march turned deadly.

Security forces loyal to President Joseph Kabila, whose official mandate expired in December 2016, killed two protestors and injured dozens.

“There is growing unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo as citizens continue to march in support of free and fair democratic national elections. Despite his term legally ending in December 2016, Joseph Kabila has maintained power by and continues to deny citizens an election,” a report published after the weekend incident reads.

More than 47 were injured and an additional 100 arrested – including members of the clergy – when marching in support of democratic elections.

Another march turned deadly last December when security forces killed “about a dozen” citizens.

Meanwhile, Botswana has become the first country in the region to publicly rebuke President Kabila and demanded that he steps downs for the country to hold free and fair elections

The foreign ministry said the situation is DR Congo is particularly bad “because its leader has persistently delayed holding elections, and has lost control over the security of his country.”

The United States and other countries continue to apply pressure to DRC leaders as sanctions lists have grown.

Last week exiled DRC opposition leader Moise Katumbi attempted to get a passport at the DRC embassy in Brussels, Belgium so that he could travel outside of Belgium and ultimately return home.

Katumbi was reportedly denied a new passport until the approval of the presidential office.


  1. The only presidents who are close by and are able to call a spade a spade and can put pressure on Kabila are Khama, Rhamaposa and Mugufuli and mybe the Malawian president as well because he too has no hidden agenda.

  2. The biggest shame is while our progressive neighbour are calling a spade a spade we are busy hosting illigimate president and giving him the red carpet…No wonder Botswana is where it is and we are where we are


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