The United Church of Zambia leadership( Synod) has called on its members countrywide to pray and fast against the independence of Barotseland , a senior UCZ Leader has revealed to Barotseland Watchdog.

United Church of Zambia (Synod) in Lusaka, Zambia has circulated the memo to all their Churches including those in Barotseland to pray and fast for God’s intervention on total Independence of Barotseland.

A reliable source further disclosed that the prayers will begin on 01st March, 2018 and end on 31st March, 2018.

The Senior Church leader who is not happy with the move said the will vigorously petition Almighty God to interject and bar the people of Barotseland from attaining Independence.

” My heart bleeds , the Church has set 01st March – 31st March, 2018 to earnestly pray and fast against Barotseland Independence. But where was the Church when Rights of the people of Barotseland were violated by successive Zambian Government, where was UCZ when people were killed in 2011? That is hypocrisy!!,” asked one of the leaders.

And a random check carried by BWD reveals that some churches are run by foreign Reverends (Bemba’s and Nyanja) across Barotseland. The only few are Bishops coming from Barotseland. The rest are from oppressing country called Zambia.


  1. Do you remember what happened to the Eqyptian’s when they insisted on keeping the people of israel as their slaves, all their best soldiers drowned in the red sea.


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