Mukuba Njovu lives in the road next to the man “Hambulo” and his wife.

The man in question has 3 children with his current wife and 2 older ones he had before. They have been married for about 15 years.

The agony of seeing a new car along side the other cars he buys pa nganda. Only to see it a few days later on social media as a present. So the nigga was confronted when wifey was told a month ago that he wants to marry. He died muli NO. After the chilanga mulilo, he was once more interrogated by the wife and other interested parties, then finally confessed that he wants another wife. The wife in question is very devasted and HAS NOT accepted the ‘pink bride’. As I type she is helpless and doesn’t know what to do next.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the first time the nigga has pondokad. He did the some years back then after fyapena and his money finished. He shamelessly went back to his wife and things went back to normal for him. Whatever she decides to do now is entirely up to her. For the Saturday gelo, only God can judge her. We can only talk and watch from afar.

More is coming!



  1. The name of the man sounds familiar. Is he not the same one who goes for rich women hoping to inherit after they have gone. I know he can’t lose just like that ,he will divorce the wife and marry the new found. What men can do. However women can do worse off things.

  2. There is a God who watches over..to the wife think beyond the graves .what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and loss his soul .what will it profit us to think earthly and end in graves and not see life beyond the grave.the rich man and larzarus teaches us life beyond for heaven and hail is real luke 16 vs 19-31 .today getting someone’s hubby is not am issue but ..you who is getting is that marriage confirmed by God. Because anyone who slips with another man’s wife committee adultery.my believers and sisters be vry carefully with these women who are busy getting others pipos hubby’s proverbs 5vs 3-4 she may be Sweet like honey her words can be so charming in oder to get your hubby but her end is bitter as a gall sharp as a double edged sword.becouse she is not thinking of life after death.

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