FILE PICTURE: Zambia's opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President, Chilufya Tayali, currently in court over Facebook posting

BY Chilufya Tayali

I have experienced the wrath of this barbaric party and I make no apologies to say this party is a danger to Zambia because, they have a potential to set this Country on fire.

I have been ruthlessly beaten by the UPND and I survived the worst when I was in Livingstone for the case of Hakainde Hichilema who has sued me for defamation when I just state facts.

You can call me names here, but truth be told UPND is a very bad party due to the desperation of Hakainde Hichilema to be Republican President and I pray to my God that, may it never happen because this man is ruthless which is why he went and sued me in Livingstone and unleashed cadres on me.

It is not a coincidence that the car belonging to Eucridy Mwiinga who recently defected from UPND to Patriotic Front was torched. HH can come in and defend his cadres, but he is only doing so because he must be the sponsor of such barbaric acts.

It is a pity that this Chief from Southern has become a big sponsor of the wrong things done by UPND. I know how and who sponsored Pilato, but I will let this Chief think he is clever. My intelligence is not as poor as the PF, I get information fast and I know that, that Chief and GBM are behind these people claiming to be asylum seekers when they are just economic seekers.

Mr Mwiinga had been a safe man in Nampundwe but after relinquishing his position as UPND councilor he is nolonger safe. Recently Senior Chief Mweemba survived after his house was petrol bombed, but two people died in the process.

The election results in Southern Province should not be looked at so innocently, because, you can’t be any other party member apart from UPND if you live in Southern Province. So how can you talk abour free and fair elections. HH should just shut up on his election petition because he is worse in this game.

I am scared to go to Livingstone for party activities, especially appearing on radio. Evidence is there, on how they beat up Frank Bwalya. But I have been in various areas of the PF strongholds including Shiwan’gandu where Kampyongo is worshiped like a traditional spirit.

When I call someone Shonongo, it is not that I see him as the devil himself, but his actions are too devilish.

I can imagine how Mr. Mwiinga is feeling right now, because I have been there. These people (UPND, though not all) are dangerous and it is a fact, not matter how you may want to resonate the matter.

I am contesting in 2021 but if the worst comes, to the worst, I would rather a pilfer than a barbaric leader, who will come and take away all my freedoms and beat me up like a cow being forced to till the land.





  1. He eats together with the pilferers! Mark that against this little empty can and use it against him when our time comes! Forward ever, backwards never!!!!

  2. I told you this boy has wasps in his head. He is simply an attention seeker, so just ignore him and he will wither away!!! Ati, ‘TAYALI NI TOUCH AND GO!’ TOUCH AND SOIL!!!

  3. Ba chilufya ikalenifye naimwe…why making a lot of noise for nothing…antagonism is in your blood…you will eat your words come 2021…Silence is better sometimes.You dont add any value…get a woman to pump sense into you…but again i don`t think a normal woman can manage you.Its like you are a lunatic sometimes with these rantings of yours…am beginnig to question your calibre of thinking….Now i even believe that woman you raped let alone sleeping with a child. Are you really a Zambian or from one of our neighbouring countries…?wont be suprised that you are from congo /Tanzania…Guess they pay you well.

  4. Is this the best way to sell his party (kantemba)? Why not concentrate on what he will provide for the country if his kantemba (by mistake comes to power? Today he is dancing half naked, tomorrow he is carrying a moper. I think he is a comedian.

  5. It is just necessary for the case to be heard either in Kitwe or Lusaka so that Tayali proves his case freely without any form of intimidation because people are still wandering and asking, ”why did HH sue Tayali in Livingstone and not where both of them live in Lusaka? Was it to deliberately subject Tayali to danger at the hands of UPND cadres knowing Livingstone is a UPND stronghold? Was it to intimidate Tayali so that he should not expose the whole truth or just what was the motive behind? It is the right of voters to know the truth and it is just good for the country to know the truth about whosoever wants to rule them.

  6. Tayali the blind bat u can’t keep quiet but every time u want to eject senseless statements. What has UPND done to you. It is time UPND start suing these cadres to the international courts because in Zambia all courts belong to PF. Ki bursts in Zambia we shall not cease with prayer, I know one day our calls will be answered


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