The UPND will go ahead with their rally in Kanyama despite attempts by the police to block the expected mammoth rally.

And the UPND will soon write to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde to point out the human rights abuses, political intolerance, suppression of civil and political rights that the PF has subjected Zambia to. The UPND will be seeking to find out if the IMF supports repressive regimes like the PF with documented evidence of media suppression, state sponsored political violence against the opposition, and extra judicial killings by the police.

The UPND this week is set to hold a rally in Kanyama to thank the people for voting for UPND massively in last year’s disputed election results. Kanyama was one of the constituencies that the PF rigged heavily and stole more than 30, 000 votes from UPND. ,

The UPND has notified the police as required by the law. But the police have given themselves extra powers to deny the UPND a ‘permit’, something not required in law. The UPND only needs to notify the police.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri in assuming to deny the UPND permission to hold a rally and a peaceful demonstration said the security situation in the city is unstable.

Mockingly, Phiri told the UPND to appeal to OF thug Steven Kapyongo


  1. That rally is not even necessary for the majority of the zambian people this zambian observer is just too much now cause everyday it’s UPND here UPND there and also this media is only for tongas n lozis no wonder why you will find that most of the people who are in favour of what you guys post are mostly tongas and lozis even the owner of this media is Tonga so their publication doesn’t surprise me at all . You are all tribal n selfish . But Zambia is United n cannot not be turned down by these tribal people if you want just keep on voting your way n we will also vote our way we will see if you will ever rule Zambia with your selfish mindset.

  2. We had VIGILANTEES in UNIP wr r they ?
    A cadre threatening the POLICE ? Zambia has really gone to the DOGS !

  3. Southern province is the third most developed province in zambia. This is due to the hard and smart working Tongas. Lusaka is the most impoverished province in zambia due to laziness and backwardness of its people.

  4. Sky-zee, its not right for any meaningful Zambian to lebel others as tribal just bcoz they support a certain political party. If i may ask u a question, why r yo names not correctly written and why r u saying dat u will also vote de way those u call tribal vote? I think, and thats my opinion, we, u and me can try and help in putting aside such statements and do our best to change de situation if at all we find dat there is a problem in our country. That way we shall be contributing meaning fully to our beloved country Zambia, thank u.

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