AM only going up to 2021, President Edgar Lungu has announced.

President Lungu recently reiterated in Solwezi that  he was interested in contesting the 2021 polls and warned judges against barring him, saying there would be chaos in the country.

His statement was met with widespread condemnation, with the Law Association of Zambia demanding a retraction, saying he, as a lawyer, should be first to respect the principles of separation of powers as enshrined in the law.

The amended Constitution of the Republic of Zambia states in Article 106(3) that a President who had held office twice (one who has been sworn in) could not contest elections the third time.

And in a turn of events, President Lungu told the Zambia Association of Manufacturers meeting at Radisson Blu yesterday that he would only be in office up to 2021 when his term of office ends.

“So let us all rise to the occasion and ensure that industrialization becomes a reality in our life time, or in my term of office; by the way I am only going up to 2021…huh,” President Lungu announced.
He further urged manufacturers to always engage the government as the economy knew no politics, saying whoever would be Head of State would also have to engage manufacturers.

“Economy knows no politics, whoever will be President will have to carry on engaging you. You are not politicians, you are economic players and government will just have to make it conducive for you to succeed. Together we can achieve industrialization, together we can transform Zambian into an industrialization hub,” said President Lungu.


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  1. This is not funny,it can even bring chaos to his party.Can he be consistent one time he says he is available for 2021 next moment he says he is only going up to 2021.So what is the way forward for his party?Knowing them they will now turn to annihilating each other and trying to sort those who will make themselves available.Violence once nutured and encouraged can consume the violent themselves.

  2. A listening leader worth respecting and Sammy should also leave. We need a convention in UPND and we are ready to finance it Vote. GBM on UPND ticket 2021.

  3. As usual he grossly misinterpreted the constitution until the law Professors without leakages advised him what the constitution says.Interpretation of law Problem e buafya.Nachi bulala Chibemba apa.
    I knew all along that there was no way Concourt Judges could continually render themselves irrelevant to understand the law otherwise.

  4. It is unredeemable shame to those Political scavengers who thought they could collect dregs after supporting him.Unfortunately these were thieving curtail of clergymen from Luapula. Being a neighbour to DRC is a permanent curse.

  5. Reconcile with CK he is capable of sending HH into hybernation for good. Politics has no permanent enemies

  6. Don’t take this man serious. Before he said he had no vision and later he managed to aquire vision to see himself available in the 2021 ballot paper. Today he has lost the vision beyond 2021. Be careful. He should clarify and state one point to make every one understands especially pf supporters

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