Ministry of Finanace head of public relations, Kandeta Chileshe has realised that if Wedson Nyirenda had midfielders Fwayo Tembo and Cletus Chama, Zambia would have performed better at the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) in Morocco where they got eliminated in the quarterfinals by Sudan due to lack of creativeness.

Chipolopolo coach, Wedson Nyirenda, have found it difficult to forgive experienced midfielders Rainford Kalaba, Fwayo Tembo, Cletus Chama and central defence pillar Billy Kay Mutale III after they breached the camp rules last year.

“If Ronald Kampamba, Cletus Chama and Fwayo Tembo had played alongside Augustine and Mbewe, we would have gone far,” Mr Kandeta wrote in his Facebook account.

Mr Kandeta further doubted if strikers Lazarous Kambole, Martin Phiri, Friday Samu and Chanda Mushili were better than Nkana striker Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba and Lusaka Dynamos midfielders Fwayo and Cletus.

“I will never be convinced that Samu, Kambole, Martin and Mushili are better than Sate Sate and Cletus Chama, let alone Fwayo Tembo.Similary, I will never be convinced that there is a better defender at Nkana than umwaiche Kapota. Mwegani? Katwishi mu continental,” Mr Kandeta doubted.

Mr Kandeta went on to preach peace and forgiveness to Nyirenda towards the players in order to put the interest of the nation in the first place.

“I look forward to a day when Coaches will put the interest of the nation at heart. In a Christian Nation, I never see why Cletus will never be forgiven by Wedson Nyirenda. Similary, FAZ or the coach needs to forgive Kalaba Rainford and allow the nation to move on. Yes, strip him of the captaincy but let him play for the country in the Afcon qualifiers coming soon.


  1. Nyirenda is not a good coach, how can a coach develop such a hatred and end up being eliminated like he has no players. If people say there’s corruption in football you say give evidence, evidence is being eliminated when good players continue to be neglected. Is it true that those pay the coaches are alaways favoured, do you go for tournaments for money or to win. Wada has spoilt football talent in Zambia.

  2. Wada if u don’t want t forgive then beter u leave our lovely team,you r a good coach but your un forgiving heart killing our team bit by bit.ulimukulu change,next game call kalaba and fwayo.

  3. Watching Zambia play that fateful match, the players came into the pitch without their famous “favour” sign. What it means is that they knew they were going to lose this game because we could see no strong desire to win the game. The question is what happened?
    Zambia has the talent for football but what is missing is the modern coaching which Wada is failing in his coaching. We have never seen moves or standard of play which could make one appreciate the coaching. It is all individual talent that we see even when we win.
    A country which is broke and poor can not excel in football so much. Imagine Zambia failing to employ an expatriate coach because we can not afford. Shame!!!!!
    Do we need Kalu who has connections to come and find us an expatriate coach? Why alll these Koswe mu mpoto could not find money to pay an expatriate coach even after interviewing the coaches? I am fed up with people who just enrich themselves through corruption while cheating to bring developmentwhile the infrastructure projects are a source of big money corruption. Is there development in poverty? Make the country rich then you can talk of bringing development. We demand the so called development to spill over to football if it is there. Employ us an expatriate coach from SPAIN.

  4. FAZ is to blaze for picking WADA as a coach. I have written so many articles in this media especially Daily nation that WADA IS UNFORGIVING PERSON AND YOU CANT EVEN eat nshima from his house cos he is too greed , cruel, self centred character antichristian etc. FAZ SHOULD DIMISS THIS FOOL WHO is SPOILING ZAMBIAN GAME.REUBEN KAMANGA AND PONGA LIWEWE you are not treating zambians properly by letting this wada to continue with our team.

  5. WADA demonstrated incompetence in team selection and management of a tournament. I agree with Chileshe; Save for Augustin Mulenga the rest of the strikers could not be compared to Satesate. He gambled and took Ngwenya who was injured in South Africa and could have been replaced. Ngwenya ended up in Libya as a Tourist. He selected a team without a playmaker. When Mbewe was marked out of the game (and thats what Sudan did) the strikers had no supply. He failed to select a substitute for Mbewe and yet we have the likes of Lameck Banda from Nkwazi and Zulu from ZANACO.He could not experiment players in less crucial games but saw it prudent to do so in the crucial quarter final game. Even in a dead rubber final qualifier game , WADA used all regulars including those with yellow cards hence the disqualification of Silwimba.Meanwhile Namibia who outplayed us made 4 changes to their line up!Was there merit in destroying the central defensive partnership of Tembo and Chama and introducing a novice in Mwangeni? WADA is guilty of schoolboy errors and he seems to dislike those players who are assertive and experienced in preference for raw players whom he can boss around.Can such a coach who fails to manage a small tournament like CHAN be relied upon?FAZ needs to make a decision now before WADA does more damage. to the squad.


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