Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

It is greatly unfortunate that there was a grave attempt to take Mnangagwa’s life at Gwanda Somhlolo Stadium youth interface rally by food poisoning. Prayers and best wishes go to Mnangagwa for a speedy recovery and a return to work.

The birth and existence of G40 is a strategy to dislodge Emmerson Mnangagwa who up now remains the biggest obstacle for Grace Mugabe’s ascendance to fully take over the reins of ZANU PF. Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to be a target by Grace Mugabe, Mugabe and G40.The strategy is to disseminate and liquidate Mnangagwa and his support base so that he is isolated and left without backers. The cyanide attack in December 2014 that was aimed at Mnangagwa but unfortunately poisoned his office secretary was not an isolated incident but attempt to take out Mnangagwa from the political equation. There have been several incidents of breaks in into Mnangagwa’s offices since 2014 immediately after former Vice President Joyce Mujuru was purged from ZANU PF. All the incidents attracted mediocre police investigative work and no arrests were made in connection with those breaks in. The routine intruders appear to be accessing Mnangagwa’s offices by the roof and through the ceiling an indication that it is the same people reusing the same plan to access the building. The intruders have never been detected even when the premises are physically guarded all night complemented with intruder detection facilities.

The developments of events relating to ZANU PF succession wars have now pitched up. The attacks on Mnangagwa are now brazen and are executed in the open with open knuckles. The perpetrators (G40) are running out of patience. G40 wants to end it all now for Mnangagwa before the December 2017 ZANU PF conference. This is the work of a highly organised group of influential people (G40) with a political interest to plant some engineered evidence to destroy Mnangagwa. The ‘Blue Ocean Strategy Expose’ and presentation by Jonathan Moyo at the recent ZANU PF politburo meeting is part of the range of strategies to break Mnangagwa down. The assumption is that the presentation slide by Jonathan Moyo was previewed by Robert Mugabe for it to be allowed to find its way to that fateful politburo meeting. The vitriol attack of Mnangagwa and his associates by Grace Mugabe at the Chinhoyi youth interface rally was a follow up to the grand strategy to purge Mnangagwa from ZANU PF and out of its succession battles. Energy Mutodi a presumed associate of Mnangagwa got arrested a few days ago for making harmless news posting about the role of the army in the ZANU PF succession matrix. The whole G40 strategy is coming together and it is now visible as its engineers put their strategy in action.

 The G40 club is believed to be composed of Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Phekelezela Mphoko, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Ignatious Chombo, Augustine Chihuri and other faceless ones .The suspected food poisoning at the Gwanda rally was meant to be the final nail on the coffin to send Mnangagwa to the gallows. This happened in the absence of Grace Mugabe at the Gwanda youth interface rally so that the incident is not seen as having a connection to her. What a clumsy Mugabe succession plan not seen in this modern generation. Zimbabwe, after Mugabe will not be a democracy with this kind of a succession plan.

The offer by Mnangagwa to voluntarily resign from ZANU PF and Government was declined by Mugabe last week. Although Mugabe and his G40 outfit want Mnangagwa out, they want him out their way to completely decapitated him and leave him at a level where he is not able to pose any further political threat to G40 and their succession plan. The plan by Mugabe and his G40 counterparts is to cause Mnangagwa emotional and physical paralysis; leave him with emotional scars, expose him to embarrassment with a view to gain control over him; to make him feel insecure; expose him to a loss of a sense of self worthy and to make him feel insignificant to compete against Grace Mugabe. This is the direction Mugabe wants his ZANU PF party to go; the direction of self-destruction and imposition of a successor to his party. There will be changes taking place soon in the police; army and the intelligence services to appointment a set of new leaders well-suited to the interests of G40, Mrs Mugabe and Mugabe. The plan for Mugabe for his wife to take over the presidency is shaping up and it appears to be proceeding well.
Zimbabwe has an abundance of treasure in all sorts of forms; not one man can finish them; not even all of us together can. We can share the treasure fairly amongst of all of us using portions equivalent to our merits allowing us to live fulfilling and prosperous lives. We can only succeed in this bide by positive political and social engagements and by observing appropriate and humane rules of engagement.


    1. Kabila Joseph of RDC is the cousin of Kagame Paul of Rwanda
    2. Kaguta Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is the maternal uncle of Kagame Paul of Rwanda
    3. Kaguta, Kagame, Kabila are of Rwandan origine!
    4. Kabila = Kagame = Kaguta

  2. Paul Kagame’s direct role in 1994 Rwandan genocide: indisputable evidence:

    (Can someone remind me about what “sparked” the Second World War?)

    This is how Paul Kagame and RPF Tutsi Rebels “Sparked” Rwandan genocide: 1990-1994 period:

    1. By attacking and invading Rwanda as Tutsi Rebels from Uganda on 01/10/1990 exclusively targeting and killing Hutus and Twas only in the Rwandan regions neighboring with Uganda
    2. 1990-1993 Kagame/RPF Tutsi Rebels killed more than 2,500,000 Hutus and more than 30,000 Twas in the provinces of Byumba, Kibungo, Ruhengeri, Gisenyi, and Kigali Ngali. While more than 2,000,000 people were displaced and living in camps within the country under harsh and inhuman conditions due to persistent guerrilla war and sporadic attacks of Kagame Paul and RPF Tutsi Rebels.
    3. By targeting openly and directly and for no clear reasons the catholic church which is the voice of the majority voiceless in Rwanda and by killing innumerable priests, missionaries and many religious consecrated people and by killing finally 4 catholic bishops in 1994, prior to chaotic and disorganized fighting and attacks within Kigali Capital city of Rwanda.
    4. By intentionally and deliberately shooting and killing 2 sitting presidents: president Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Ntaryamira Cyprian of Burundi on 06/04/1994 in Kigali Rwanda.
    Further Signs and evidence
    5. By fearing to leave the power in Rwanda in order to evade facing justice because he gets immunity and impunity given to him by the state house as a head of state of Rwanda
    6. By silencing all mechanisms which are supposed to provide checks and balance to his leadership as a president of Rwanda.
    7. By continuing silencing, kidnapping, assassinating, imprisoning, exiling the proficient people in Rwanda especially opposition political leaders and their followers, family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances.
    8. By making Rwanda a no –go- area for freedom, independent media, and democracy.
    9. By continuing starving Rwandan people deliberately and intentionally so that they can never be able to revolt against him so that he can hold them in hostage until he dies.
    10. By continuing looting all Rwanda and RDC resources and keep them in other countries like Panama, Singapore, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and UK and USA
    11. By perpetually cheating and lying the whole world that he is a model leader when he is not.
    12. By turning Rwanda into a police and a military state since 1994
    There is no doubt that Paul Kagame and his RPF Tutsi Rebels willed, fuelled and planed the 1994 Rwandan genocide and used it to maintain themselves on power and to enrich themselves only.
    Paul Kagame and his myth of so called “development” in Rwanda under his dictatorship. Very Ridiculous development indeed!
    Supporters of the serial killer Paul Kagame praise him for the same myth and fake “arsonist” type of so called “miraculous development” of Rwanda. Here is a list of those I can also call “pro-development” in any way like Paul Kagame is said to be:
    1. North Korea President is also “developing” his country
    2. Adolf Hitler too “developed” Germany and even the World!
    2. Idi Amin Dada too “developed” Uganda
    3. Gadhafi too “developed” Libya
    4. Charles Tylor too “developed” Liberia
    5. Yahya Jammeh too developed Gambia
    6. Laurent Gbagbo too “developed” Ivory Coast
    7. Mobutu Seseko “developed” Zaire
    8. Museveni too is “developing” Uganda
    9. Robert Mugabe is also “developing” Zimbabwe
    10. AL Bashir is also “developing” Sudan
    11. Saddam Hussein too “developed” Iraq
    12. El Sadat too is “developing” Syria like Kagame of Rwanda
    13. Osama Bin Laden too was a “developer!”
    14. ISIS too wants to “develop” its followers like Kagame Paul/RPF
    15. El Shabab too are “pro-development” in the same way like Paul Kagame
    16. Boko Haram too wants to “develop” Nigeria just like RPF/Kagame Paul of Rwanda
    Why should Paul Kagame be so special?????? What is behind the curtains is what we always talk about! Kagame Paul will always be remembered as the only serial killer, génocidaire, dictator, totalitarian, autocrat ,authoritarian ruthless ruler, who has been very much praised, rewarded, awarded and supported so heavily for killing so many millions of human beings with high impunity and immunity in the history of the whole world. I think his name should be put now in the “Guinness BOOK”

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