By  Kasebamashila Kaseba


FW DE KLERK and MANDELA did not just DIALOGUE on PEACE but also DEBATED POLICIES whereas EL and HH have not just failed to DEBATE policies but also failed to DIALOGUE peace.

Why do we expect DIALOGUE from those who cannot DEBATE, much less exchange greetings or letters?
While HH has debated where EL has refused to debate in preference for political party rallies as his indictment for DICTATORSHIP.

Similarly, had Mandela, a ‘lawyer’ like EL, failed or refused to debate De Klerk, at short notice from prison, he would have been taken as a savage, intent on using ”umkhonto we sizwe” like EL is using police and PF cadres to commit violence.

Otherwise, one can doubt if EL is a lawyer in the way he fears debate for orders.


  1. May the Lord help Zambia/ I personally feel pain when I think of the talks between HH and EL because HH was in prison for a crime he did not commit and further even the Religious Affairs Minister claimed he was in jail for not acknowledging EL as President. It makes me sad and I cant see a dialogue taking place between the two because there is real hatred. Then look at the violence who will say no to this really who. Every bye election for a councillor there is violence. Zambia will we be able to talk. I think we have a President in Zambia and since he is our leader he must put a stop to violence. We can not expect an opposition leader to do this we are expecting the controller of the armed forces to rise up and do this. We dont expect the statements we hear that also talk to the opposition. Let our President lead by example and if UPND does not follow the members should be arrestedbut PF must lead. We need a firm lead on this issue because we have lost people from the two parties. ECZ has all the procedures in place but fear for loss of jobs is what is ruling in Zambia and people need to eat. Please our beloved leader urgently deal with this issuw before more people die and blood will be on this land and it is your legacy that will be postitive or negative

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