Dear Editor

First of all an agreement is a mutual understanding; contract or consent agreement between two parties or more.

someone would want to know that why is it called the Barotseland Agreement and not the zambian agreement? to answer this question we can say that Zambia cannot make an agreement to itself!

therefore it is clear that north eastern rhodesia asked Barotseland to be part of a new country called zambia but before joining hands with north eastern rhodesia our fall fathers made sure that an agreement is signed on behalf of barotseland.


therefore it is us malozi who agreed to be part of zambia again it is us malozi who are supposed to decide wether to remain in zambia or not! therefore zambia has NO right or authority to impose a referendum on barotseland! only barotzis have the right to decide on their own fate just like they did during the historic BNC of 2012.


  1. When you talk of Barotzeland you are talking of North western Rhodesia and its boundary with North eastern Rhodesia is a straight line from the Congo pedicle to the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi rivers. Not the above map you are showing. The above map is simply propaganda.

  2. This is unreasonable to introduce topics like BA at the height of our current problems with the governance of this country . Please don’t sway our attention to things which can be discussed aimicably on a round table . Matters of dialogue with our brothers and sisters in the West . Please not now , leave that for another day .Not Now mr Editor or whoever is bringing this !!!!!


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