If there is a story that should be making headlines in the media is the failure by the ruling Patriotic Front to pay the K6.5 million they owe various media houses across the country.

The PF adverts were aired in various radio and TV stations three months before the 2016 general elections ,up to now the party has not paid the poor media houses in the country.

Unfortunately, the media bodies such as Misa,PAZA, ZUJ and others are quite on the matter.

The worst thing is that PF contracted a company called house of Blxxk as media buyers .
It is a company that was just established to help distribute adverts,you try to search for them they are nowhere .

They are using a lady Called Alice Chibale from state house who always intimidate the media houses when they call for confirmation.

Its very sad that this case has even reached the office of the president through press aide Amos Chanda and it seems he is not bothered with the situation.

The PF secretary general Davis Mwila recently said his party can’t fail to pay the debt provided they bring the contracts they signed with the Party.

Just this statement you will understand that there is some miscommunication within the party,because some media houses dealt with H.O.B an advertising company that existed to run adverts for the PF.

There is even a perception that some one was given the funds and misused it.

Amos Chanda was once a media rights activists under press association of Zambia and he understands how these media houses struggle to make end meet.

He forgets that its from the same poor radio stations where he started his career.

Knowing the state of the media Amos would be in a strong position to claim what they worked for last year.

Amos has an opportunity of interacting with the president who we know is media friendly ,he would have tabled the matter to the father of the nation so that this debt is cleared.

The same debt puts the ruling party in an awkward situation ,because the media houses will not accept to run their next adverts on credit.

Radio stations are struggling in the country and the hatred of not paying them is completely an assault to media development in this country.

It high time the PF pay the media houses because one year and some months is just too much.

Please ba Amos ,Mwila and others kindly work out on the payment.
Our other surprise is former Misa Chairperson Frank Bwalya who can’t speak for his colleagues in the media at that level.

The next thing you will see is the media houses embarking on demonstration and protests .

The media should remind PF that the none payment of these funds does not sit well with the objective of having national prayers.
Otherwise this debt will stay for another year without being paid .

Let the media bodies jump to rescue their members from the media assault from the PF.

Please PF pay the media houses they did their work .

Thank you


  1. The corrupt PF is failing to pay for 6.5 million Kwacha? Strange. This people is an indication of the PF discipline when it comes to the government funds. Surely wouldn’t ECL have just given an instruction to pay out the bill.

  2. It is actually a puzzle which requires an answer how PF can fail to pay the most praise singing group which pleases the masters for everything even urinating in an opposition’ members houses. How,what has gone wrong?

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