A WOMAN whose husband was found to be HIV positive told a local court in Lusaka that she can only return to the matrimonial home if her husband starts using a condom.

Mary Mwanza, 38, of Garden House compound was testifying in a case in which her husband, Nimrod Zulu, 43, a bricklayer sued her for divorce after separating since February 23, this year.

The two got married in 2005 and have two children.

Zulu told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that they were in the same court for reconciliation when Mwanza sued him but after they were reconciled she said the court and her mother forced her to stay in marriage.

He explained that Mwanza spends nights out and that she talks all night on phone.

Zulu added that Mwanza continued saying that she will move out of the house and said the court does not feed her, adding that she doesn’t get fed up packing.

“Mwanza said that the court favours women even if they are wrong they win cases. On February when Mwanza was leaving the house she even grabbed me in the shirt and tore it,” said Zulu.

In defence, Mwanza said that after the court reconciled them, she had no peace because Zulu said even if she dragged him to court he did not love her.

She explained that it was Zulu who packed for her and that he doesn’t like her children from her previous marriage adding, that he threatens to kill her.

“Since 2013 when Zulu was found HIV positive we don’t make love because he says he can’t use a condom for he is not used,” said Mwanza.

In submission, Zulu said that he still loves Mwanza but she caused laughter when she said that she loves Zulu and that if he will start making love to her using a condom she will return to him.

The court adjourned the matter to March 30, to see how they will stay. Zulu was advised to get condoms and start making love to Mwanza.



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