If an opinion poll was conducted today, Lusaka residents would reject Executive Mayor, Wilson Kalumba and demand for his recall.

He has become a face of incompetence and failure.

Yet he has such an impressive curriculum vitae and would probably work anywhere in the world!

He formed his own crediting rating agency, Credit Rating Agency Ltd, and before that , he worked at PricewaterHouseCoopers as an Auditor, and he is a former Assistant Director at Bank of Zambia!

He is a highly qualified man as an accountant and financial expert.

Kalumba also worked at the United Nations as a financial expert!

So how can such a highly qualified man fail so dismally to do the work of an Executive Mayor?

Why are his public statements so jaundiced and misdirected?

Why is he such a failure with such a distinguished cv?

So far his signature initiatives include leasing parking spaces and fees to a private company, e-graves(a project to number graves at Lusaka cemeteries), collecting garbage fees through every mobile phone in Lusaka, and communal toilets for townships.

When Lusaka faces disaster such as the burning of Lusaka City Market, floods, Cholera outbreaks and other matters both his voice and his body are absent from such scenes!

Mwebantu help us with this Mayor! What’s your view Citizens?


  1. He is an impostor or masquerade, he did not win the elections, ask Zulu and all the masquerades what they did to be where they are, that is why things are not working for them. This must be a lesson to all politicians not to use under hand methods to wear an oversize shoe for yourself.

  2. You are only as good as the people who rule you.When you consider the electoral college youn find it is full of illiterates and semi literates.On the internet you will find a lot of people who can see through him but seriously speaking chisushi fye.

  3. If he could reconect water at his residence after being disconected by lwsc for failure to pay bils,then wat do expect wen u give them such an ofis..yaba bt zambia,samtimes we shud b serious.jst go in town nd c how dirty lsk has become.youths lets rise nd save this country.

  4. The best he can do is just going back to his professional job not this political job of garbage collection,sorting shallow pit latrines causing annual cholera ceremonies in kanyama,this job is not for him.

  5. He is a total letdown and all he thinks is accounts and how to milk the poor. He proposed Cremation due to lack of burial space in Lusaka for Christians and Moslems against their faith and he want to build toilets in the compounds so that the Council starts milking the poor. Wrong Person in the office

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