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A woman was driving an old Volvo car when she mistakenly hit a 2016 Range Rover.

The lady came out from her Range Rover insulting the other lady for not being careful, asking her to repair her Range Rover.
The woman with the Volvo called her husband, he replied that he was busy, that she should try fix up things and that they will meet later at home.

The lady with the Range Rover called her boyfriend and said “Sweetheart, someone just hit the birthday gift you gave me, I am so angry, please come over.”

Few minutes later her boyfriend arrived. Guess what?
He is the husband of the lady with the Volvo car.
Discuss the possible legal consequences for all 3 parties.


  1. LAW NI LAW…The wife will be charged with careless driving and causing damage to property,which the husband will pay.The insurance companies will indeminify both parties depending on their policys.Asuming the vehicle is registeted inthe girl friends name,the wife has no claim over the said rover,but can sue the husband for neglect (her an old volvo and the girl friend a latest rover) and later for divorce.And again sue the girl friend for marriage intereference and obtaining property from married men.In the end the girl friend looses as the couple will reconcile for truly they have been thru thick and thin together for the husband to afford a rover for a side chick,and maintain the wife with an old volvo suggesting how old their being together in true love that new and glitter things are things of the past.Lesson,New wine in new casky and old wine in old wine casky,for new wine in lod casky will break the casky.The girl in an old thing,the relationship wont last 2 days…sweet and honey pakuzembaika.

  2. Depending on the way the accident happend.the wife wil be charged with a traffic offence,maybe careless driving and the boy friend must fix the Range Rover.

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