Dear Editor

my name is Mutinta and I rarely go to social media to voice my concern over any issues, however I feel that my civic and social responsibility requires me to make injustices known.

Today, I took my friends and children out for Sunday Lunch to The Orange Tree Restaurant located on Twin Palm Rd, Kabulonga. This is a restaurant I frequent quite often.

We ordered several drinks and 2 dishes of food; one being a rack of ribs and another being chicken wings. Mid way through our meal, my friend noticed a worm in her salad. At that point we called the waiter and notified him of our findings… we then asked him to call his manager. Several minutes later the manager appeared at which point we tried to inform him of what our complaint was. His response was that he didn’t want to see the worm but would give a 10% discount off the platter. Before we could respond, the gentleman walked off. Leaving us speechless.

When we requested the bill, we paid it in full, except for the wormed chicken wings dish, refusing to pay for what we construed as contaminated food.

The waiter went away and came back with the manager who then articulated to us that he would accept the fact that we refused to pay for the K170 chicken wings (the total we paid for the entire meal was K950). He then said we were never welcome there again.

Now, the beckoned question is, were we wrong for refusing to pay for contaminated food? 
Further to which I went to the kitchen area to speak to the Manager and he said, “Don’t talk to me in the kitchen, let me get down to your level”.
Needless to say, that was rather insulting… in my view.

My advice to The Management of Orange Tree, is that accountabilty, respect, and courtesy are central in all areas of life.


  1. This is a serious issue that shouldn’t end this way. Take him to the Public Health department and if they do not handle the matter well, sue him, you ought to be compensated.

  2. When it sounds like slander and boasting, not much help can come forth. She should have not mentioned the name of the restaurant and how much she had to pay. She should only have asked where to report her problem. Public media is used by so many people from diverse walks of life and K950 to many is preposterous to spend on lunch alone. I assure you even a ten kwacha lunch outside NIPA can have a worm in it. Think before you post and press send.

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