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A 33 year old man in Petauke has allegedly impregnated his beautiful mother-in-law aged 42, only known as Bana Phiri. Bana Phiri’s husband died in a road accident 5 years ago and the woman has not been married since then despite several men proposing marriage to her.

Festus Lungu was left with his mother-in-law in April this year when his wife Lucia a teacher, went for a 6 days teachers’ workshop in Chipata.

Lucia aged 26, had asked her mother to remain behind looking after the couple’s daughter aged three, when her cute mother allegedly seduced her husband forcing him to have unprotected sex with her for three days.

Mrs Lucia Phiri has since confirmed that her mother was now 6 months heavy pregnant with her husband’s seed, but police refused to attend to her complaint saying it was not an offence under the Zambian law.

As the first born in the family, Lucia has since asked her mother to go back to her village while pledging to continue supporting her and the expected new baby financially.
“Though I am disappointed with what my mother did to me, I can’t let her suffer while am still alive. I will continue supporting her financially and emotionally. She did a lot for me to be where I am today and am still thanking her”, said Lucia as she tried to hold back her tears.