Workers at Muvi Television have gone three months without getting their salaries and also slashes salaries by 75%!

While proprietor Stephen Nyirenda splashes his money on building a new Lodge in Siavonga, and building an empire of cinemas at shopping Malls, Muvi Tv employees remain unpaid for the last three-four months.

The workers known for their hard work and commitment, have been further hit by news that their salaries for the next three months will be slashed by 75 percent beginning the month of November.

Company Chief Executive Officer Steve Nyirenda has announced the development to the workers, citing operational challenges and has called on the workers to sacrifice.

Nyirenda has not assured the workers when they will receive their August, September and October salaries which the workers have been praying for in order to address their rentals and family problems.

Following the slashing of salaries by 75 percent, the workers have been told to only work for one week in a month.

Nyirenda has challenged those bitter with the decision to resign or find part time work but not to rival media houses especially Diamond Television.

Some workers get as little as K1500, and cutting their salaries by a quarter means their take home pay will now be K375 for the next three months.

They have complained that management is not being fair to the workers who have observed that money raised by the TV station is being invested elsewhere.



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