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She writes below………….

I have seen a post by Larry L Mweetwa and let me say that I have been principled enough to have never said anything bad about UPND- and i don’t intend to.

UPND has/ had been the only party i had ever known and loved and even when I started to have more enemies inside than outside i still held on.

People will love u until they begin to see u as a competitor then u begin to have enemies that u don’t even know about.

Let me mention to Larry that I have resisted to say anything bad about UPND because all parties have problems and its better to sort out things internally than air out dirty laundry in public. So people like Larry shud not force me to speak all the things that I feel are wrong in UPND because I can.

All I can advise my dear comrade is that he is Tonga and UPND is his ‘birthright’ so let him stick there because he has the right surname to excel in UPND. For some of us that have to be checked by the name u carry instead of skill, ability and even qualification, have a choice to leave and be wherever we want.

When u are a mere member you are ok and loved because u are a voter and adding to the votes, but aspire for anything then u will understand that u are not ‘equal citizens’ in the party and others will always have a tribal advantage due to the way the party is structured.

So u have to accept being in UPND as merely a person escorting others to fufill their God knows what plan, while yours should never even be talked about. Until UPND goes for a Convention and cleans out a few people that feel that the party is theirs by virtue of their tribe it will continue to lose people that are genuinely talented and want the best for the party and this is a General post and dare me to publish all names of most party structures even in Lusaka or Kafue and u will see what i mean.

No chance for reason when u prioritise tribal affiliation to quality. Even Larry yourself, I have never ever argued with u BUT how u shifted when tribe was at play only God knows. People that accuse UPND of being tribal actaully have no idea just how bad that is and for some of us that have been UPND almost all our lives and hoping that things will change one day and don’t ever change can actually shade good light on that which can even make the party be seen for what it really is.

So please leave me alone my brother, u have your life and i have mine to live.I am a free and focused person and i will not let small boys get me in a war that will get many injured because I can get there if u want me to.

Some of us even went to school to do Political Science so that we learn how to govern our parties and countries properly. I never went to school with a vision of ending up as a carder in some party that will appreciate u only if ‘the clique’ decide that u are worth appreciating.

We have different paths and reasons for following them, so let’s stick to that… Maybe one day I will come back to UPND if I change my name to Saboi Himboela.

Saboi Imbela



  1. UPND leaders are very lazy, and they have not inspired the country with any meaningful solutions which they can imress Zambians with into the next elections. They appear to have no think tank to brain troubleshooting to make the future of Zambia better than under the MMD or PF. There is no differentiation of any policies or activities to make Zambia better. They have recently made Musokotwane, the high priest of Neo-liberal economic policies as their boss of finance and economic development plans. This means more of the same rotten policies and practices!

  2. Sour grapes and Opportunism at best! This is because she was left out for selection as an MP for the Kafue seat! There can only be one candidate at any one time!
    She would have even joined PF if there was a chance that she would be adopted as a parliamentary candidate. So a new party, NDC, gives her the best opportunity and I am happy she has joined them – it is a Win Win situation and perhaps good riddance of a professional sulker!!
    Just because she bought a degree in Australia then even people who have been working for the party all these years should give way to the honourable madam? When fake or half baked qualifications get to a woman’s head, they only think of themselves – no man can even marry her because she only thinks of herself!! Well done Saboi Imboela and keep it up!!

  3. In tonga we say (nkozwa kakubota a nkoya kakubota) why ?because u know were you are coming but you don’t know were u are going sister, GOD helps u to get what u what

  4. Saboi Imboela goes into a political group or party with mambeke , wanting and wishing to be recognized thru her big breast and polished red/pink lips ! That’s sad – coz men are not interested in big bursts or whatever body exposures some wench might show . These are politics , not fashion parades madam Imboela . My advice to u is don’t relent , keep on pushing , remember this is man’s world – just improve your worthy … Stay focused – never look at some jerk and his tribe . Ok , we all have these tribal inclinations bcoz of who and what we are . Of course if some chap thinks otherwise – tell them , but not thru public or private media …. we need each other ,,, to build this party till we cross this bridge of troubled waters ! Political storms are ahead of us ,, there4 ” unity of purpose ” is needed till that day and beyond . Madam cool it , calm down , better tomorrow is around the corner . Yours Man Lumwi :

  5. What excelling is involved in a party which is brutalised day in day out? Is UPND having some nice things even before they are in power?

  6. Sometimes praising yourself too much can result into a disaster where you end up looking foolish even to a 13year old child. Reading through her outbursts, it is evidently clear that Imboela wanted to be adopted at all costs but my question is, are all the UPND MPs in Northwestern, Southern, Western and Copperbelt provinces carrying Tonga surnames? Can any party survive in Zambia by having MPs carrying names from one tribe sure?

  7. Banda Mateyo – u are the beast of burden , an arsehole in the making ! Satan hates the good – So to interpret BM s statement would mean – no tonga should join upnd coz it is led by a southerner , atini ? Then that’s a weird thought . Or perhaps BM is saying to be tonga is regarded as an awful sin – Mr Banda Mateyo – is there any formular we can use to join upnd with our tonganess? Your evil past will kill u . Zambia has been a big,big melting pot for the past 100years or more . Intermarriages has changed all that – we ave names like Mweemba Banda , musonda zulu etc ,,, BM – please wake up , wise up , u are embarrassing many people of cross breeds ; my own nephews and nieces with their senga father ; apples of my eyes . Cut the crap u child of Satan . BM I love ❤️ u , but I hate the tribalism in your heart ! change , stop living in the dark past of your ancestors.

  8. Exactly. The traditional and cultural bonds that hold this tribe will take centuries to be broken before they can mesh up well with other zambians.

  9. AM AFRAID WHAT A RUBISH COMMENT FROM ANICE LOOKING WOMAN IF U ARE REALLY MARRIED AM SURE U DO TROUBLE YO HUSBAND'S RELITIVES WITH FOOLISH COMMENTS. Elias Bupe Haggai Lyema Pervious Lemba Albert Maini Rashid Alkbar Bashr Victor Mumbi Gab Mumba Reuben Zyambo Kangasa Rhodes Albert Mumba Miyutu Kalesa

  10. 50-50 in PF if you are Tonga and you want to rise through the ranks, you have to renounce being Tonga, insult, disown, demean your fellow Tongas label them tribalist , and then you get less influencial position. Some cadres in terraces continue to shout “kachema”.

  11. Aaaawe , on marriage ,perhaps she needs a real MOJO from a real Casanova with a hard hard thrust into her bosom; then she will settle into that arrangement : sorry baby ,,, it’s like disturbing a relatively silent bee hive .. some issues are sensitive mummy . Nevertheless , call Mweetwa , sit him down and make peace again . It’s never too late ; I love ❤️ peace : atini sweetheart :

  12. The tribal tag will not take you anywhere Saboi. We all know who championed tribalism during the run up to 2016 elections! The chief campagn manager for tribalism was Chishimba Kambwili. That’s why I feel that if Saboi is allergic to tribalism there’s no way she could have entertained a party with CK as a senior official. We have many parties in Zambia some of which we have never had any tribal tag. So the best she could have done was join such a party but joining one lead by Ck is being economical with the truth. We know and appreciate that as an individual she has a right to associate with people she is comfortable with but we raise an issue if she embellishes the picture by telling lies! Please my sister we would appreciate if you told the truth about your decision. Going in the direction Ck went only to apologise after being dumped by PF doesnot make sense!

  13. Brother Maimbolwa Masiye, what more can one say. You have it all. In other words we are saying our sister Imboela is scoring in her own net while carrying a basket full of nothing but tribalism. If CK meant well when he went to Tonga chiefs to apologise, then Tongas will not take any more apologues on tribal tug perpetuated by his followers in his paediatric Party.

  14. Saboi,the last time I saw you was when you were performing at then Dipak Patel’s bar in town. Near Lotte house.nothing was really nice about it.i was so surprised when I heard you are contersiting the MP ship in kafue.i stay in kafue,I have not seen you in any of the market. Yet you want to make head lines about this area.please live Tongas alone in your polical carear. U may need them on your way back.

  15. Ba imboela just admit nd accept that u just failed to sell yourself properly during campaign to kafue people for mp sit hence u was defited to honourable chonya thats y u re hurt now. Maybe try next time with a party of your choice it is never too let, but remember kafue is for red nd green of upnd


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