Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

HARRY Kalaba says Zambia is at a crossroads.

Kalaba, who recently resigned as foreign affairs minister, in a video posted on his Facebook page, thanked Zambians for their support after his decision to resign his Cabinet portfolio.

“My first instinct is to thank all of you the people of Zambia who have poured out your love and support regarding my recent decision to resign my Cabinet portfolio as Foreign Affairs Minister. I am humbled by your warm and most encouraging comments and your sheer outpouring of love but more so, by our shared values over the affairs of our beloved country. I am also greatly indebted to President Edgar Lungu for accepting my decision and wishing me well. In this same vein, I also wish to congratulate honourable Malanji who has taken over from me and who I have every hope will carry our flag with honour and dignity,” Kalaba said.

“I will always remain available to render my support to you my dear brother Minister of Foreign Affairs honourable [Joseph] Malanji. My fellow compatriots, Zambia is at a crossroads. We are at a time when the nation requires not our individual brilliance or indifference but rather the strength of our collective resolve to make a difference and stand up for justice. Those of us who do not agree with my view point or who do not consider my action as my own version of objective action to fight what I perceive to be inconsistent with the dictates of good leadership, are at liberty to have their say.”

He said the true test of leadership and character lay in the way one handled those who had a different viewpoint.

Kalaba said a good leader would see an opportunity and how things could be done differently or how to use the views of others to improve their own.

“A bad leader will feel intimidated and resort to demeaning tactics and war of words. Zambia has moved beyond this level. Zambians can no longer tolerate the politics of arrogance. They are looking for leaders who will make it a point of honour to obtain exemption from extremes of intolerance. I have heard unfounded suggestions that my next move is to join the National Democratic Party as a potential candidate for 2021. In my request to the President, I made it clear that my intention was to remain and retain my seat in Parliament and I have not deviated from it. I will continue to serve this nation, representing the gallant people of Bahati,” Kalaba said.

“Be rest assured that I will spend the remainder of my political life fighting for justice, prudence and sacrifice. I will always be a part of that group of people who will never lose the faith and who will never forget the grand promises of equity which our forefathers crafted for us. The elements in the Patriotic Front party who have chosen confrontation over dialogue and those who have chosen indifference over taking a stand risk the party being mistaken for a party that regards itself complacent in history resting on the rams of a doomed foundation. To circumvent this, the hatred of indifference and intolerance should become our new collective duty.”

He said PF members should no longer tolerate or embrace those among them who oppose every kind of thinking that had the potential to rise above theirs.

“This does not represent what we Zambians have become in 53 years of history and independence. This effeminate culture overlooks the truest elements of our destiny namely; to be the point on the scales of Africa’s democracy and torch bearer in our quest to represent our goal as a nation that has truly surrendered to his will. Each one of us can make a choice today never to surrender our sovereignty,” said Kalaba.


  1. Hon Kalaba it takes a man of substance total resolve and retrospective to leave all the riches and benefits of what they hold on to let it go in favour of upholding and support human dignity before the comforts and short beauty of riches. We Catholics we ” Umuntu onse uwasha ulupwa lwakwe lonse, asha inganda nefyuma uyu ekachele wandi” Hon Kalaba you are rare human to sacrifice everything for a common man and woman. If they say you have been planning to run for presidency . Did lungu not tell us he was not suitable and had no plans of his own to run for presidency? What stops you when you have all what it takes to lead and rule over the people that you see and value as they are God and in the image of God. The sky is a limit for you. Put your good lord in your deeds and the rest is in your hands.

  2. Comment: Ba Kalaba, I Hope U Mean Well For Zambia To Open A New Page In Our Political Realms, A Character Very Rare In Many A Person. Politics Is Not About Hate And Devide, I Adore U 4 This. Am A rare Commenter


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