Brian Mushimba

Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says if fake news, cyber bullying and other computer based crimes become a threat to national security, government may be forced to ban access to Facebook, Google and other sites.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix’ Let the People Talk, Tuesday, Mushimba said government may be forced to go the China way.

“The issue with cyber security and the bullying, fake news and all these other abuses, as we fight them, if we feel at any point as government that it is getting out of hand and it is a national security concern, we may take the route that others have taken. If you have been to China, if you have been to Ethiopia, there are restrictions to certain sites you can go to and certain things you can do. We don’t want to go there. We are not that type of government. We are a government that wants to protect rights, promote rights, and we want productive use of the tools. If there’s a larger section of the population that chooses to prey on people and do all kinds of activities and we make a decision to go that route, you will see why we have taken that decision but we don’t want to take that decision,” Mushimba said.

Asked who defines that abuse has crossed the line, Mushimba said; “when abuse and crimes perpetuated through social media become a national security concern…you have been to China and you know how you can’t access Facebook, Google and all those things.”

He said it was sad that people were abusing something as innovative as social media.

“It is sad that something so powerful and innovative like social media and the internet can actually fall prey to the abuse that slowly we are picking up and its there. You see people creating fake accounts, insulting people, all the way to insulting the Head of State. You see fake news being generated and just many other unscrupulous ways of using social media when it is a powerful tool of disseminating information, get it to wherever you want to get it to very quickly, and we need to actually use it productively,” he said.

“It is a social good that needs to be regulated and managed. When I speak about the bills that we are trying to take to Parliament, we have that in mind in terms of trying to create a platform that is productive and beneficial to the people and make sure that those people who have bad intentions are kept away. Government has that responsibility, we cannot jet let our people and expose them to all kinds of manner of inconveniences that might be coming from some quarters that may be taking advantage of the social media platforms and do the things that they want to do. So through the agencies that we have, through ZICTA and other regulators, in this case through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting who regulate content, we are actively using the tools that we have, identifying pockets of concerns and addressing those. Recently we have seen people that have been prosecuted and jailed using social media fraudulently and we will continue using those tools to make sure that we protect the general public.”

Mushimba explained the bills which he intended to present to Parliament.

“The bills that I am talking to Parliament have been clamped into three, there is a Cyber Security and a Cyber Crimes Bill and what this bill will do is to ensure cyber security and also criminalise computer and network based offenses. When we take this bill to Parliament and it comes to pass, some of the benefits we should see include protection of victims against cyber crimes and it will also establish Zambia Cyber Security Agency that will provide oversight and powers and guidelines to investigate and prosecute these crimes,” said Mushimba.

“The other bill is the Data Protection Bill which also speaks to personal information, you pay for your airline using your credit card, you should be protected that no one will access that information and use it scrupulously. We also have another bill on e-commerce, we are going to do a lot of transactions electronically with the internet, we want to make sure that when people do those transactions can be protected and there will be a pin code that will be activated to make sure that we prosecute.”




  1. This Dickheaded prik of a minister is so dumb. China, North Korea and Russia all failed! How are you going to stop the truth from coming out? People are not as stupid as you idiot think. Just concentrate of being corrupted you pig – but we wkill surely catch and castrate you! Mother fcker!

  2. You are a fool Brian. How do you use communist countries as examples. This is a democracy you S.o.a.b!!! I can’t believe a minister can be this senseless. What an idiot. Brian shut that mouth please. don’t be emotional because your crimes are being exposed. Look at the benefits of Facebook and google. Don’t just look at you staying in office. People will rise. Be very careful Brian. We are warning you

  3. This idiot minister wants to follow the foolish foot steps of his colleague Chishimba Kambwili who threatened to clamp down the post newspaper and indeed managed to close it. Kambwili is now regretting having closed the post newspaper because no govt owned media is covering him now that he is in the opposition. Very soon your party PF will be in the opposition and its the same platform such as Facebook and other social media which will be covering you and you want to close them. Why are you fooling yourselves that you will be in govt forever when the writing is clear on the wall for everyone to see including fools that come 2021 kuyabebele. No wonder the American president Donald Trump can only see imbeciles in Africa because of people like you.

  4. PF has probably the worst calibre of ministers.Even when they look intelligent like this Brian thing what comes out of their mouths is almost always without exception pathetic.
    You bwana minister you want us to remind you that you will not be in office forever?How dull can a minister be?Do a cost benefit analyisis on the use of the internet.The benefits are way more than the disadvantages.One day Mr Dull Minister you will not be in office,that is when you will see the benefits of the internet.
    Same chap who is supporting the ban on night travel.These guys are just too dull to be of any use to this nation.Accidents happen everywhere baba,but responsible governments do not react by banning night travel.Does your thick head you numbskull realise the damage being caused to the econmy by the ban?Seriously if this is the calibre of our Ministers we might as well have no government.This country can probably run better without them.

  5. The search engine and social media platforms this gentleman is talking about are extremely useful tools that have been used for so many things that include, but a few:
    Career development, Continuous Professional Development, information sharing, networking, family and friendship re-unions, advertising, job search, research, news and many more.
    I am not exactly sure why he is exposing this incorrigible and inept idiosyncrasies as though he was not a minister. Zambia is part of the bigger global picture called the village and cannot afford to think backwards. Use these platforms to your own advantage and stop castrating your mind.
    There are no sources of academic books in Zambia. All we have a very old books on our shelves at universities and colleges, that is if we have any, which are not even enough. The internet is a very useful too to me as a proud academician studying to better myself and I would not trade it for cheap politics of your own. Such lamentations of this minister are not objective and do not need space on air or print media. Do not comment on everything on impulse. I can make A damn good minister myself.

  6. whats wrong? the current governance seem to be dictatorship not even democracy.wishing to remove it and to do what pleases us citizens.akamana ukupoma nipamabwe…they can not be a water falls without stones.they can not be u without …..

  7. Bushilu bwa ba PF has started again. May be they are experiencing the effects of the new moon.Experiencing fits as signs of slight illness which is symbolic of their party Chipantepante manifesto.

  8. Brian Mushimba, mayo Ine nafwa, what an idiot! These Pf guys are too excited, they need their wings clipped. What rubbish is this? Zambia is a democracy and as citizens we will keep it that way!


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