A Zambia family of four has died in a fatal road traffic accident in Cape Town, South Africa.
The deceased have been identified as Dr Carol Nalavwe Nyimbili, 31 and her two children –  Racheal Musendeka, six and Miguel Angelo Munsendeka, one  year,  seven months.

The fourth victim, an adult male person, has been identified as Louise Musendeka, 37 , who is Dr Nyimbili’s partner, according to a statement issued by first secretary for press at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria Naomi Nyawali.

Western Cape  Traffic Chief Kenny Africa confirmed that the accidents happened in the Central Business District of Cape Town near the FW de Klerk Boulevard on the outbound elevated freeway.He said the gruesome accident happened following a head-on collision of  two racing  vehicles, one of which lost control and hit the family car.

Bodies of the deceased family have since been deposited in the Salt River mortuary in Cape Town awaiting further communication with the surviving family members in Zambia.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed shock and grief at the loss of the entire family in the accident.

High Commissioner Mwamba said he would facilitate for the repatriation of the bodies to Zambia once all modalities were put in place.


  1. Sad, but the truth is Zambians are not fit to drive in South Africa because traffic there is fast and require astute driving skills. The thinking should always be sharp and alert .Knowing there complicated road maps is also essential.

  2. But this was not the problem the Dr driver I guess the article has sad, ” gruesome accident happened following a head-on collision of two racing vehicles, one of which lost control and hit the family car”. This was a South African lunatic who thought he can race on a busy highway, no matter how alert you can be man there is always a crazy driver on the road who does not respect life like those fool racing on the main road. Sad to loose a Dr like that!

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