Kachana and Grace Tembo have lit social media with their open lesbian relationship.

In Zambia, gay or lesbian couples hide in shadows or keep their sexual orientation in closets.

Many keep “healthy partners” while hiding their same sex partners as “friends” especially that it’s a criminal offence under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) to have “sex against the order of nature “

But the duo appear to break legal, traditional and cultural barriers to openly flaunt their gay relationship and can be met at shopping malls and show off their love on social media.

The two were jointly exposed by Chanda John Chimba an online media journalist who posted two separate photos accompanied with stories suggesting that the two are lesbians who have been freely practicing what he termed as an “Evil” act.

But coming to their Defense, Grace Tembo who uses Misha Janet’s as her Facebook username came out very personal on Chanda John Chimba insulting him and calling him names without stating any facts against Chimba’s accusations towards her, apparently in the process she confirmed having such an affair which Kachana who is a girl but has turned herself into a “Man” and is currently having an affair with Grace Tembo.

Some of the sources close to Grace Tembo(Misha Janet’s) have said she turned into a lesbian after she was mercilessly dumped by her ex boyfriend who left her alone with a 3 year old daughter who she has raised without the help of her baby daddy, it is for this reason that she has closed her heart towards men and decided to go out and have sexual affairs with fellow women instead .

When asked to confirm about Kachana and how long she has been like that, the source said Kachana has been like that for a very long time, she has never had a relationship with a man, she has turned herself into a man, her dressing talking and walking, she has been going for girls for a while now.




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