Zambian politics corrupt – Mumba

Nevers Mumba


By Mwape Mbwelela

NEVERS Mumba says Zambian politics are corrupt.
In an open letter to the PF, Mumba, the MMD president who partnered with the UPND in the last general elections, stated that the country’s politics had become corrupt and contaminated.

He stated that President Edgar Lungu was the biggest threat to the future of the country as he had eaten away the people’s freedoms and democracy.

“I would like our colleagues in the PF to know that none of them will change my story in the fight for morality and integrity in Zambian politics,” Mumba stated.

“No matter how long it takes, my vision for Zambia Shall Be Saved shall be realised. The reaction by PF with a string of insults, untruths, and hallucinations about my fight against injustice shows how far away from being leaders our colleagues are. It is at a point like this that the words of Michelle Obama come alive; ‘When they go low, we go high.’ When asked about the terrible army worms, I reminded Zambians that the most dangerous armyworm we have in Zambia is President Lungu and the PF. Zambian politics are now a corrupt and contaminated sector of the country.”

He stated that the PF was a key liability to Zambia’s future and were not any different from armyworms whose capacity to rob communities would soon manifest.

“Armyworms have the capacity to rob entire communities of their future by eating up their crop. This results in great suffering for the people. At this time, Mr Lungu, according to us in the MMD, is the biggest threat to the future of our country. He has eaten away our freedoms and democracy,” stated Mumba.

“This is the worm I am talking about. Mr Lungu has eaten away the right to vote for a president of people’s choice by the manner in which he manipulated the August election, which he lost. He has eaten away all ingredients of democracy. Media freedoms, justice for those opposed to him, peace for any Zambian who complains about the ever-increasing cost of living conditions. The future of Zambia is under threat.”