A Zambian woman aged 40 has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Kenya’s High Court after being caught with drugs.

Zambia High Commissioner to Kenya Brenda Muntemba has confirmed that the woman. Catherine Banda, who is also a cancer patient, was arrested in 2015 as she was trying to cross from Kenya to Zambia.
Ms Muntemba said Banda was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. “I can confirm that there is a Zambian woman who was arrested in 2015 for drug trafficking and was sentenced to life in prison,” she said.
Ms Muntemba said the woman in question is suffering from cervical cancer and is being looked after by the High Commission.
She said Banda has remained in the Kenyan prison from the time she was sentenced.
Ms Muntemba explained that the commission has the responsibility of looking after all Zambians in Kenya when need arose. “as a commission we ensure that we look after all the Zambian citizens that are in Kenya including those that come in contact with the law,” she said.
Ms Muntemba said that the commission has made Banda’s health status known to the prison authorities and she is treated with caution.
She has however advised Zambians visiting foreign countries to always ensure that they register their presence with the commission just in case of an incident that will require the help of the commission.
“We receive cases of Zambians coming in contact with the law here in Kenya and we try as much as possible to see how best we can assist them because that is the responsibility of the commission, to look after the Zambian people visiting or living in Kenya,” Ms Muntemba said.

She also disclosed that Kenya has about 300 registered Zambians living in the country.


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