For every progressive nation to see any form of sustainable development,there is a serious need to invest heavily in the education sector and not to politicise the running of sectors like education.

All successful nations have told us that it is the education sector which produces all the necessary materials and equipments for the building of a stable and visionary oriented nation.

These materials education produces includes, all skilled and trained personells from recognised learning institutions who should run the daily business and affairs of the nation.

Going by what is obtaining on the ground, one would easily conclude that our nation is headed for the worst! due to the lowering of education standards.

Imagine Fifty-three years of independence down the line, the ministry of education can still habour a big number of untrained teachers. The question is how did these people enter the most sensitive ministry?

Looking at some people occupying most senior ranking public offices in various sectors today, I think there are a lot of people who don’t know what they are doing and not worthy to save in such deligate positions.

Our education sector is now controlled by cadres hiding in politics at an expense of trained personells . Other important offices are equally managed in a cadrelism manner
and other key institutions are engulfed with this deadly disease called cadrelism . We need to promote professionalism if we are to see development.

Today in Zambia, a PF cadre is more powerful than a trained security officer or any other civil servant. For instance, a PF cadre can order or threaten a police to arrest an innocent citizen who don’t agree with the PF regime even without evidence for the alleged offence . This is what happens when education standards are lowered. And the end result is that, trained legal personells end up looking like trained fools when NOT after finding the accused persons with no case to answer due to the decision that was made by a cadre who don’t understand legal matters.

The foundation we are laying for the future generation is a deadly scaring atomic bomb stronger than the one North Korea is threaten the world with.

Collapsing any Nation does not require use of Atomic bombs or the use of Long range missiles to excute the vice. But it requires lowering the quality of Education and allowing cheating and arrogance in awarding qualifications,winning an election and employments in every organisation especially public institutions and this is very costing to poor nations like ours.

Because patients dies in the hands of the doctor who got the profession without a grade twelve certificate.But through a relative who is a government official or connected to someone.The buildings collapse in the hands of an engineer who obtained a masters degree in engineering without an idea of what physics and mathematics is all about.Colosal sums of money is lost in the hands of an economist/accountant who who can’t distinguish the difference between corruption and transparency boss .

And humanity dies in the hands of a religious scholar who believes in bribes and partnering with oppressive regimes.Justice is lost in the hands of a judge who claims his/her hands are tied to make a credible decision to promote the rule of law.Ignorance is rampant in the minds of children who are under the care of a teacher who passed exams through cheating.

And deadly corrupt regimes invests heavily in ignorance so that they can abuse public institutions and resources without being questioned because they know majority are illiterate to read between the lines that they are under a dictatorship and corrupt regime.

These oppressors ends up being hero worshipped for stealing and grounding down the integrity of all public institutions by ignorant citizens .Higher learning institutions in Zambia are now under captivity from politically motivated individuals.Let selfish leaders politicise the judiciary, police and other ministries but the education sector spare it we beg you. Education is only hope we have remained with in hoping for a better Zambia .Let qualified personells manage our education and not politicians with questionable motives.