Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Zambia Copyright Society an institution empowered by an act of parliament to protect intellectual property rights of its members has been entangled in a music copyright syndicate with a Kenyan music company called AFRICHARTS defrauding local Zambian musicians a wealthy of music albums whose rights have been sold to this kenyan firm.
EDIFY HAMUKALE who is also southern province minister has been at the helm of this institution for six years now and he is in his second term of office.

In about 2014,Hamukale acting together with a named junior female worker of zamcorps engaged AFRICHARTS a Kenyan firm to digitalise the zamcorps music library,After this exercise was done some artists discovered that their music is being sold on foreign ONLINE music stores with each download selling @$9.99 on

This company was given the rights to sell Zambian music without the consent of the ARTISTS who are the owners of the rights and since 2014 no artist has seen a single ngwee.
No wonder our musicians benefit nothing from HAMUKALE led zamcorps.
This issue was hot at the 2017 annual general meeting held on 20th September @Nipa Hall and HAMUKALE had to appoint James Chamanyazi to chair the meeting though questions from angry poor musicians remained unanswered.

In his defence,HAMUKALE claimed that the Kenyan firm dubiously dealt with the said female zamcorps employee who signed and sold the Artists intellectual property rights to AFRICHARTS.

However,wether the rights were sold illegally its still remains unclear as to why the music is still being sold on these online stores without artists being given their share of the sales made per Download.
After too much heat in the meeting from the notably furious RUFF KAIDA,PETERSEN and others,it was agreed that a commission of inquiry be formed thus it comprised of Petersen,Abel Chungu,Mweshi Mulusa pompi