Chishimba Kambwili

By Dr. Chishimba Kambwili

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Zambia where we have to ask state house for permission to report people to the ACC. These gentlemen are really taking us for a ride, it’s funny how the president has failed to respond to how he acquired so much wealth in a year instead he has called the corruption claims baseless because he is now a judge of whether someone is corrupt or not, he has called real time corruption allegations as a distraction that has left his few innocent ministers paralysed with fear of being caught of corruption. Instead of clarifying and putting to bed the allegations by explaining his wealth and the exorbitant fire tenders that he claimed where above board and followed the proper ZPPA guidelines.

Now ZPPA has refused involvement in the day light robbery because that is an institution willing to remain principled. This now means that the Ministry of Local Government procured these basic fire engines for that exorbitant corrupt price. I feel sorry for first timers like Chiteme having to do the dirty work with what is clearly a planned video made to in order to fool the public. What did that fireman explain about the price because all he said was these oxygen cylinders are K20,000 and he then clearly told us to multiply K20,000 by 4 to get the total cost of $1 million, what a joke and what a low low thing to do from this government.

Now going back to Amos Chanda who has basically told us that the President does not care whether 90 percent of the citizenry feel like they are being robbed by a few selfish individuals in government, the President says these claims are unsubstantiated because to him that red basic truck looks like it is certainly worth K10,000,000 as if the people that voted for him aren’t living in abject poverty. The president owes citizens an explanation for him and his few friends wealth because state house is a public office and the president takes orders from the public.

Thank you for being honest Mr Director General and thank you for pointing the finger back at Honourable Kampyongo.


  1. The country cannot be governed in this manner. The voters are the employers and should not be taken as fools or for a ride. If you employ a guard and starts stealing when you are sleeping you better fire such a guard because you can’t pay him as well as allowing him to steal from you. The fact is financial resources have been misused in Zambia. Evidence is overwhelming for anyone to see. The scourge can’t continue being tolerated like this.Zambians should make all suspected thieves be accountable for what has been stolen. Otherwise let all boycott to pay taxes until thieving is curtailed. Being humble and praising thieves is not a solution. People are not saying that those in leadership should retire as paupers, No ,they can genuinely own property or fat bank accounts equivalent to their renumeration not through ransacking the treasury. One can’t have a fleet of trucks, buses, bungalow mansions, lodges, casinos and other hidden assets and claim to have been owned out of salary and allowances. Chiluba stole so much ,even more shoes and suits when he had only two legs and one body ,but left everything behind. A lot of property is still abroad at the expense of poor Zambians. Where is morality. The slogan now should be ” We want our money back”.African leaders have no morality to talk about ,they are all shameless thieves.

  2. Lungu is in power becoz of those who count votes and not by popular vote . Lungu feels he is indebted and accountable to the People who surround him ;people who stole the Elections for him. Lungu has not disappointed his Election Riggers. They are all rich within a short period and busy accumulating more wealth thru lucrative deals like maizegate,Roadgate and now Firegate.People who surround Lungu at State House have all been financially empowered. Lungu is in Power to empower himself and those who surround him. So far Lungu has done very well and its not his fault that some people are poor. Lungu has encouraged those around him to make hay while the Sun Shines. This chance to enrich oneself is honouable and comes once in a life time. Lungu has 100% tolerance towards deal making. Empowerment thru creative deals is highly recommended.

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