President Lungu with Princess Kasune Zulu UPND MP for Keembe at Chisamba at Hungry Farm at the Launching the 2016/17 planting Season


Sixteen UPND Members of Parliament have defied their party position and will attend the PF National Dialogue Forum that starts tomorrow Wednesday April 24. 2019.

Among the notable names are Solwezi West MP Teddy Kasonso and Keembe MP Princess Kasune Zulu.

The MPs together with PF Members of Parliament are currently having a Caucus meeting at Government house the official residence for Vice President Inonge Wina.

This is a developing story.


  1. I don’t understand why in Zambia we have very weak unprincipled souls. They know the intention of PF but they want to betray their own country.

  2. I didnt expect Kasune to be part of the betrayer to the Zambian people at large and her party in particular. What creates this weakness in Zambians. They seem to be weak morally and in principles. They are easily bought.

  3. Of course these MPs by default have joined PF. 2021 they will be PF members. How can you accept to attend a Forum which is premised on illegality. They pass a NDF Act targeted at HH. They thought without the Act, HH would stop his MPs from attending. Yet this Act is in conflict with the constitution on bill of rights and freedom of assembly, thus null and void. The courts are also dragging their feet on the petition lodged with them.


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