United Party for National Development Youths in southern province today took to the street to demonstrate against the controversial constitution amendment bill of 2019 popularly known as bill 10 which was deferred to February 2020.Bill 10 should not be entertained even in 2020.
Addressing the youth, National Youth chairman Likando Mufalali said UPND Youths will not allow PF to destroy Zambia through the introduction of bad laws such as bill 10.

“This is just the first demonstration,we are moving across the country to campaign against this useless bill 10.Time to keep quiet whilst PF is destroying this country is over. The PF government want to use bill 10 to prolong the stay of failed leaders in power,but we shall not allow them,even rigging will not be entertained this time around. We shall protect our votes with everything we have” said the youth leader.

And southern province youth chairman Malambo Mweemba said, UPND in the province is intact and has continued to grow. Mr mwemba said that the youths in the province have endorsed the candidature of Hakainde Hichilema for 2021 general elections. He also assured the national youth leadership that his team will protect the votes by any means. He also thanked the district and constituency leadership who made it possible for the youths to travel from different district.

Speaking at the same event the provincial chairperson Mr makwembo preached peace, Love and unity of purpose. He requested the youths to unite during this struggle of freedom and economical challenges.

Speaking at the same event,National deputy youth chairman for politics Gilbert Liswaniso told the Youths in southern province to become fearless if the party is to form government.

” This is time to remove fear and stand as brave youths if we want to form government. PF is finished,so they want to intimidate us by using the police. From now onwards, I am instructing provincial youths to hold regular meetings whether with permits or not you must hold meetings, Edgar Lungu has failed and he wants to use fake bills to remain in power but we shall not allow that,we shall fight PF schemes tooth and nail.” Said Liswaniso

National IPS Samuel Ngwira said time for Hakainde Hichilema to rule this country has come and there’s nothing PF can do to stop him.
” They went round saying UPND is tribal but our party kept growing.They tried to lie that HH sold the mines but Zambians have continued to support Hakainde.They tried propaganda of gayism but it has failed and now they want to use bill 10 which will also fail” said Ngwira.

And national deputy youth chairman administration Munji Habeenzu advised the UPND youths to behave different from PF Youths by embracing everyone including those who hold divergent view from UPND.
” Politics is about numbers we need everyone to support UPND, but how can they join us if we beat and insult them for holding different views. We must talk to everyone, we must make our party attractive to all by practicing clean and objective politics. Embrace even PF cadres bring them close and share our manifesto properly let them Know the importance of being a UPND member” advised Munji Habeenzu.

Lastly, UPND National Youth Secretary Trevor also known as General ‘mundengende’ said Hakainde Hichilema is the only leader who can move Zambia forward at this particular time, because he has proven even in his personal life that he is a disciplined and hard-working person.

” We appeal to all Zambians to give Hakainde Hichilema a chance because he has been consistent with his message of economic development and note that he has a track record of being disciplined, objective and hard-working in his personal life. So Youths be strong, In order to get power in Africa we need to be brave not cowards.” Said Trevor.




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