United Party for National Development (UPND) Western Province Chairman, Hon. Kapelwa Mbangweta this afternoon welcomed 220 PF and UPPZ Members from Mangango Ward in Mangango Constituency.

The 220 PF members told Mr Mbangweta that they have had enough lies from the Patriotic Front.

The PF detectors accused their former party of being insensitive to their needs adding that they failed to fulfill promises made during the Mangango By-election citing the failure to rehabilitate the Katunda- Lukulu Road as well as the road going to the palace at Lukena.

And Former UPPZ Parliamentary Candidate for 2019 Mangango By-election Mr Kabunda Chingumbe said, the local structure had decided to defect because their party leader Mr Charles Chanda does not listen to advice. He went to say that UPND was the party of choice as it has a credible leader with a vision to take Zambia to another level. Mr Chingumbe and his party structure pledged to support the leadership of Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

One of the Members said they have never experienced such suffering to the extent that they are not able to feed their families and educate their children because of high cost of living.

The new members mostly women complained of lack facilities for expectant mothers including lack of medicines in health centres.

Responding to their sentiments Mr Mbangweta said they had joined a Party whose leadership has a vision of making their lives better unlike the PF whose leadership has no vision.

He told the new Members mostly farmers that President Hakainde Hichilema who is also a farmer has a well thought out plan for them that will empower them and alleviate poverty in the area.

Speaking at the same event Western Province Chairlady Mrs Kaumba also assured the nation that UPND is this time more than ready to protect the vote and that the Party is up to the game to ensure that it prevails in election to be held in August 2021.

The UPND Kaoma District Chairman was also present, he thanked all Mangango residents for their commitment and love for the President of the party and the Zambian people.

He encouraged all new members to focus on bringing more members to join the party.

Earlier before the meeting the Provincial Chairman Hon. Mbangweta had paid a courtesy call on Chief Amukena II in Naliyele Palace and Chief Mutondo Fwanina of Mangango in Kaoma District, Western Province.
He was accompanied by Mr Austin Muneku the Provincial Vice Chairman In charge of Politics who is also a Council Chairperson for Kaoma District, Kaoma District Chairman Mr Kakumbi Andrew, Kaoma Member of Parliament Hon. Brig General Morgan Sitwala and the Western Province Youth leadership comprising Mr Jack Mwanga, Eugene Kapatiso, Mr Akabeswa and Ms Zita Sipalo.

The meeting at Mangango was also attended by Aspiring Candidates and other Party officials.



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