MORE than 25 employees were on Tuesday found locked up in a plastic manufacturing factory in the light industrial area.

This came to light when officers from Zambia Environmental Management ZEMA visited HY Investment Limited.

One of the employees told the Sun that there are locked up in the plant without proper ventilation with high temperature from 7 hours to 18 hours every day.

ZEMA officers accompanied by its Operations manage Southern region David Kapindulala visited the firms to cease the manufacturing of plastic carrier’s bags and flat bags that are below 30 micron, contrary to the requirements of the environmental management regulations.

Mr Kapindula expressed shock at the discovery and he asked one of the managers, why they were locking employees, she became arrogant and asked why ZEMA officials why they were diverting into other maters when they came to shut the plant.

She, however, changed her statement and said that the employees are only locked up during lunch time.

But some employees confirmed that there locked up in the facility from morning and only open during lunch time when they take lunch for them which they have it inside with poor sanitation.
He said that more than 40 employees share two toilets which are in poor condition.

He said that apart from working in poor working conditions, the employees are paid little salaries which there are paid according to work output with the highest employee getting less than K 1,500.

He said that most employees are forced to work because they do not have any other things to do.
The employee who could not be mentioned for fear of victimization called on the relevant authorities to visit the plant.

“We are scared that in case of a fire, we can all die because we are locked from 07:00 hours up 18:00 hours and this place as you can feel it’s very hot and we are using two toilets for more than 40 employees divided into 2 shifts.

(PHOTO: HY Manufacturing Manager trying time call her boss colleague to bring keys to open the plant)

(Source: Lusaka Sun)

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