At least 27 people have now been confirmed dead, 18 others in critical condition after drinking ‘Jik’ in church last Sunday in the name of casting out demons.

The prophet had told people that Jik will wash away all demons that have been tormenting them in lives. What has surprised many people is that two nurses and 4 teachers are among the dead




  1. God give us grace and help your people to turn away from enemies of the gospel. The so called prophets have come with magic to lure your people who do not know the truth.( Acts 20:27-30)They are their to distort your gospel.

  2. Comment:we only assume is jik no this is nothing than sacrifice that will make the pastor to be rich and enhance his spiritual powers. it’s time to warn all these church leaders to return to the old system of worship than this era of GOSPEL that is bringing the name of Jesus to mud. these pastors are no longer waiting for the blessings of God but get diabolical to getting riches at all means. Good l ptay destroy all these GO’s that are destroying the hood work of your salvation at the cross Amen

  3. Is this the truth? If it is can someone tell me?
    What on earth is this?
    Killing disparate innocent people in the name of casting demons? Which God, which spirit is this?
    Who is this prophet is this?
    Deliverance comes from God in the name of JESUS.

  4. haha wtf!! this damn false so called Prophet go to hell!… how comes earthly detergent perform a miracle of casting out demon? is this what we called, ” i was born intelligent but education ruin me”?!. uh! we go no where , rather we come to face revelations. escatology

  5. Unfortunately this story seems to have been written in telegraphic style without telling us where this happened and who did it.

  6. Dongo your observation is right.the details are scanty (no church name not country).this kind of journalism is pathetic and shallow


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