Morris Mbetsa is a 28-year-old inventor from
Kenya who has shocked the world with Africa’s
first flying taxi.

In a live TV demonstration with his team of
engineers, Morris personally flew in a six-rotor
drone that’s big enough to fly one passenger.
The electrically-powered drone can carry one
passenger for up to 25 minutes at a speed of
over 120 kilometres per hour with an elevation
between 10 and 30 feet above ground level.
Morris has joined the league of young African
inventors who are catching the world’s attention.
In 2002, Malawi’s William Kamkwamba built a
wind turbine that inspired a recently-released
Hollywood film on Netflix. At age 13, Liberia’s
Kelvin Doe built a radio broadcasting station
from scrap and later joined an engineering team
at MIT. And this year, Nigeria’s Nelson Emeka
demonstrated a power generator that runs on

Africa needs less people who have big titles but
can’t help solve any of its problems. What we
really need are more visionary people who can
actually build things that solve real-world

ZIPP message: Don’t give up on that project, it
may be the next biggest thing in the whole



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