Kampyongo announced a 2 month mobile NRC issuance period, then Nshindano at ECZ announces a 30 day Voter registration period.

Isn’t this madness?

First of all if it takes two months to issue NRC’S then at a minimum it should take another two months to issue voters cards right?
Isn’t this just common sense?

Because more voters cards will need to be issued than NRC’S.

NRC issuance is a continuous exercise, there’s well over a million people who have obtained NRC’S in the last 5 years who will be registering as voters for the first time.

So why are you allocating only 30 days to Voter registration iwe Nshindano?.

The standard practice for Voter registration is 90 DAYS and it should stay that way.

These are not elections for headboy in Nshindano’s house for him to dictate to Zambians and disenfranchise Zambian youths from registering as voters.

Ma elections ya ba noko?



  1. This is what happens when God withdrawals his grace from political criminality.

    The Movement for Change sees no need to meaningfully engage with the PF Regime, we will only put it to record our due positions on each and every matter concerning the nation and citizens of our country.

    We keep being vindicated

  2. I think Ba Nchindano his brain is not normal.. Maidness is near by him..How can people register in 30days that’s crazy ..Let him register his family and pf in large in 30days


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