ANTONIO MWANZA and sunday chanda

The ruling Patriotic Front has welcomed the announced 4℅ salary increment for civil servants.

In a statement, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the amount being proposed for increment is “just okay” because the nation is spending 70℅ on debt service and emoluments.

“4% increment of civil servants salaries is just okay considering that we spending almost 70% on debt service and civil servants emoluments,” Mwanza said.

And Mwanza has thanked President Edgar Lungu for even considering an incremental in salaries.

He said if he was President Lungu, he would not even be magnanimous enough to consider an increment for government employees, instead he would have reduced salaries.

“Infact if I was the President I would have reduced. This country will collapse any further increase in expenditure.”

Mwanza says appeasement won’t sort out Zamba’s problem but bold moves by the PF Government will.

Meanwhile many social media users have asked how possible it is to survive with a 4℅ salary increase when the prices of basic commodities have gone up by a bigger percentage of between 10 to 35℅ minimum.

The unions representing government employees had not weighed in by press time.



  1. Antonio Mwanza, what a bag of dog shit you are. An embarrassment to UNZA graduates. Listen you idiot, if the country is paying 70% on debt servicing it means government has no money for anything. How on earth does someone increase salaries for civil servants when government does not even pay them on time? Institutions are on knees financially and you practicing rhetorical politics. Four percent is just enough, what an idiot!

  2. It is this arrogance that is going to see PF off the driving seat, you are even saying 4% is enough, if government has no money try to justify the increase a a more humane manner not the arrogant way, time is ticking.

  3. See how hypocrisy lead men into being a Yes Man. you would do well by being in the crowd at wrestle mania and cheer Daniel Bryan in his yes yes campaign


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